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Career Course Study On Occupation-dimension

Posted on:2006-06-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the final analysis all that we human beings do is for the development of ourselves. It is a very important aspect to develop ourselves during working. At the same time it also gives an assurance to our development in substance. However, when people engage in working to develop their occupational career, different paths and vocational frames may be shown before them. If we watch them under the "far lens", we'll find their personal career development takes on the trend of differences on the whole in different countries and different historic periods.The reasons for choosing this subjectFirst, domestic demand for giving guidance in career is increasing in large numbers but we are lack of related examples to refer to. Second, I'm interested in the particularity of people's career of our country under the special culture and history. Third, I hope to enlarge visual field of management and look for the combination between management and demography.Content StructureAfter the introduction, I inquire into the making of career plans which can start career course with purpose and then according to the occupation dimension of Shien's theory on circular lone, I do some research on career choosing and shifting one after another, and then the influence factors of career course. At last, I learn from the theory the real obstacle to the development of human beings and I also do some research on the necessity of building the organization-individual view of equalitarianism and the feasibility of organization-individual development together.New discoveries(1) Individual angle of view and the development of individual together with organization dimensionChoosing the research angle of view can not only have an effect on whether we can get achievement but also have an effect on the result itself. We usually have three common research angles of view on the attention to the development of human beings: social angle of view---it can easily lead to the abstraction empty, subordination and non-individual to the human beings' development. Organizational angle of view— it's difficult to have a deep inspection on the rule of individuals' development, and there is no way to cover the individual development outside the edge of an organization. Individual angle of view—it can have a deep research on the whole process of individual career course and make a thorough inquiry on the individual development in society and the organizational stage. It is seldom used to choose this angle of view in the research on the individual development.Many researches only pay attention to the choosing of research angle of view. In my opinion, we must also orient the value to the subjects such as the relation which has a sense of feeling and benefit between the collective and the individual. What we need to orient is actually the relation between the collective and the individual, as for the collective of the micro-organization, there may be three typical kinds in orientations between the individual and the micro-organization. First, the orientation is centered on the organization development and the individual development is in thesubordinate position, thus this kind of orientation makes the individual development submit to and serve the need of organization. Second, the orientation is centered on the individual development, under which the individual is centered on the self-development and makes every effort to let the organization and society serve the self-development. Third, the orientation is centered on the development of the individual and organization together. Neither of them has the priority. According to the third orientation, the individual doesn't need to ignore itself, and submit to the organization. It is likely to compromise and even come to an agreement with the organization. This paper chooses this kind of orientation just because of its reality and gives a judgment and criticism to some related questions to the individual career course.(2)The main method is empirical researchEmpirical research is always the soft rib in the academic research field...
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