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Research On The Quality Assurance System Of College Education In The UK

Posted on:2019-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330542457625Subject:Higher Education
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During the long-term development of the British higher education,the educational quality guarantee system was relatively efficient and perfect,which means the universities take their own guarantee at first with the extra assistance outside under the supervision of public and media together.However,the Chinese higher educational quality guarantee system was still in the initial stage compared with the British.Therefor,it is necessary for us to learn from the advantages of the British higher educational guarantee system and take appropriate measures to improve our higher educational guarantee system combining our educational reality.This study was focused on the process of the British higher educational guarantee system by using the methods of Document Researching,Case Researching and Comparative Researching.First of all,the study investigated the process of British higher educational guarantee system according to its history and analyzed the causes of it.In short,the development of the British educational quality guarantee system has experienced three stages: independent guarantee,gradual intervention of government and both internal and external quality guarantee.Secondly,the study briefly analyzed the composition and implementation of the educational quality guarantee system.Thirdly,the study took the Oxford and the Cambridge as the examples to elaborate their quality guarantee system of the whole process from input to output in detail.Finally,based on the above analysis,it summed up the important characteristics of higher educational quality guarantee system in Britain combining the actual situation of our country.As a result,the study then came out with useful suggestions of perfecting higher educational quality guarantee system for our Chinese universities.In conclusion,it should improve Chinese higher educational quality guarantee system in universities from both external and internal aspects.In the external view,we should accept more main-parts to participate in the quality assurance in order to guarantee the diversity of the main-parts;We also should fully respect the academic autonomy of the universities and guarantee their academic freedom and academic power;To set up a standard of multi-level educational quality evaluation,different types of universities should be distinguished based on the local characteristics,we should establish multi-level evaluation criteria.In inside of the universities,it is necessary to set up a special department of quality supervision which has a clear limitation of responsibility.The department should be in charge of the permission of students including their entrance,training and graduating;It also should promote the cultural construction of universities,which could internalize the culture inside everyone's heart;Furthermore,the universities should pay more attention to the experience of their students,as well as the satisfaction survey and feedback,and the universities are ought to listen to suggestions and ideas of students actively,too.
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