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Study On Undergraduates' Career Decision-making Difficulties And Intervention

Posted on:2010-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D ZuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360278496726Subject:Applied Psychology
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Career decision-making difficulties are defined as the all-possible difficulties that one may encounter during the process of career decision-making, resulting in incompetent to make special decision or one with discontent. Career decision-making difficulty has been the focus of the vocational research during the last few decades. Undergraduates are on the preliminary stage of career choices and career orientation, a critical time in individual's career development that they lack working experience, so various decision-making difficulties would be caused. With the employment pressure increasing at the moment, the research on career decision-making difficulty contributes to the theory and practice of career guidance.This study consists of two parts: theoretical study and empirical study. On the basis of analyzing and summarizing the existing research achievement of career decision-making difficulties at home and abroad, the thesis makes a tentative study on the dimensionality of career decision-making difficulties and designs a Career Decision-making Difficulties Inventory by quasi-opening and opening inquiry, interview, and questionnaire survey. Also the thesis makes a primary theoretical framework of undergraduates'career decision-making. In the empirical study, assessment of career decision-making difficulty on undergraduates and the intervention to difficulty by group guidance is made, exploring a new method of career guidance for undergraduates.Through studies, several conclusions are drawn:(1)The structure of undergraduates'career decision-making difficulties is composed two dimensions: Cognitive and occupation orientation .Cognitive parts are composed of self-cognition, career cognition and career plan; Career choices anxiety, career ability, career character and motivation consist of career orientation.(2)The career decision-making difficulties of undergraduates is of high reliability and fair validity, both of which are satisfactory.(3)The experimental group and control group have significant difference on seven dimensions of Inventory, and the experimental group members have positive evaluation on the group counseling, so the effect of the group guidance is good..(4)The Career Decision-making Difficulties Inventory can be used to screen the clients, diagnose difficulties and evaluate the interventions.(5)The group guidance was effective on improving undergraduates'career decision-making self efficacy, the group guidance is effective and can be used in universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate, Career Decision-Making, Career Decision-Making Difficulty, Group Guidance
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