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The Enlightment Of The Curriculum Provision Of The American Community College To Higher Vocational Education

Posted on:2010-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275468807Subject:Higher Education
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In the thesis, the use of literature, comparative study and survey research methods to the American Community College for study, with a focus to examine its curriculum provision to meet the needs of the community college to demonstrate the superiority, at the same time point out the existing problems. The thisis comparatively analysis the existing problems in the curriculum provision of China's higher vocational institution , in a more detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of the curriculum provision of the American Community College to bring the enlightenment to China's higher vocational institution, and put forward a number of improving measures with a view of the curriculum provision of China's higher vocational institution in the healthy development.First, the thesis defines the concept of connotation on the community, community college, American Community College, curriculum, curriculum provision and so on. Second, as a starting point of the guiding ideology of the curriculum provision and its background of the American Community College, it investigates the curriculum provision and current situation of the American Community College on four aspects: selection of the goal from the curriculum provision, selection of the curriculum content and organization, curriculum implementation, curriculum evaluation to analysis the process and currenct situation of the curriculum provision of the American Community College. Summed up the process of curriculum provision, to emphasize the diversity, flexibility, uniqueness, practicality, targeted and openness, focus on vocational education and general education courses as well as the importance of mutual penetration and the successful experience of business cooperation, while noting that the curriculum provision of vocational education existing a structural error in part, the teaching facilities and teachers relatively weak, those urgent problems provide reference to the curriculum provision of China's higher vocational education. Folowed by comparative analysis of the current curriculum provison of the higher vocational institution appears with the employment market demand, the practical teaching, the inter-school cooperation, the teachers as well as the appraisal and so on, and pointed out the root caused unreasonable. At the conclusion of the curriculum provison of the American Community College to our enlightenment on the basis of the market adaptation, goal orientation, content expansion, college and enterprise cooperation, teachers safeguard, curriculum implementation, and other aspects of a reasonable assessment to propose the improving measures to the curriculum provison of China's higher vocational institution.
Keywords/Search Tags:American Community College, curriculum provision, Higher Vocational Education, enlightment
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