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Study On Status Of Sports-education In Secondary Schools Of Chongqing And Measures Under The New Curriculum Standards

Posted on:2010-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275474363Subject:Physical Education and Training
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School-sport is the important component of school education, the basis of national education , and also the way to develop National Sports. It does much for the development of moral, intellectual, physical, the United States, such as the history of all-round development of human resources responsibilities. Sports Education is a core part of education, and plays a important role in school education.After the introduction of new "physical education and health curriculum standards", new teaching ideas have been put out , they are of health, interest, individual and subjectivity. whether they are in teaching the guiding ideology, objective system , the structure of the system, or the number of hours in teaching, evaluation system, both with previous sport curriculum profound changes have taken place. Therefore, the research on teaching status under the implementation of the new curriculum standards in Chongqing can not only provide practical guidance for education authorities in Chongqing Municipality, but also provide the decision-making basis.In this paper, literature survey and mathematical statistics method and system analysis method are applied. This paper refers a series of scientific analysis of the implementation of the New Curriculum Chongqing status of physical education in secondary schools. The survey conclude Shapingba District of Chongqing, Jiangbei District, Beibei and Banan four areas. Of the region 30 ,80 secondary school teachers and 600 students are in the survey. Respectively, it refers the situation in the region how to carry out physical education; the status of implementation of new curriculum standards ; status of physical education teachers; status of physical education students; sports funding of equipment, facilities, etc. By investigating, there are following questions: 1, Being insufficient guidance result to the insufficient orientation; 2,Insufficient concern of school leaders about the sports curriculum reform affect the process of reform of physical education; 3, on the sports curriculum devoted insufficient resources, equipment can not be a good venue to meet the needs of teaching, resulting in a the slow development of physical education curriculum reform; 4, their overall quality of teachers is still in a lower level, affecting the promotion of physical education reform; 5, interfering with the exam-oriented education "Sports and Health" course of normal teaching reform. Through systematic analysis of these questions, this paper reach the following measures: 1, updated the concept of physical education, and foster "health first" guiding ideology; 2, strengthening the curriculum standards of physical education and health-building; 3, to raise the importance of school leadership ; 4, to strengthen the ranks of school physical education teacher training; 5, the reform of the examination and evaluation of methods of physical education; 6, to increase funding for physical education; 7, to develop home-made sports equipment to enhance school physical education hardware evaluation; 8, to strengthen the grass-roots sport in secondary schools and macro-guidance and regulations.
Keywords/Search Tags:the City of Chongqing, sports and health curriculum standards, secondary schools PE teaching, measures
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