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Private Colleges And Universities Ideological And Political Education Theory And Practice

Posted on:2010-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275497642Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Popularization of higher education has been the trend of world higher education since 1960 s. At present higher education of our country is on the key stage from Elite to Mass higher education. Partial qualitative changes have arisen in many respects of the system of higher education, Chinese civilian-run university is a new mode of socialist education, It plays an important role in the process of deepening the renovation and promoting the popularization of the higher education in China. Private college students and the ideological and political education in private universities is an important means for management students and students of the dominant force in shaping personality, It is necessary to highlight the ideological and political education of students in privacy university, only the current thinking of students in private universities characteristics, and seriously resolve the management of students in private universities in the course of the misunderstanding, emancipate the mind, pioneering and innovative management and private college students ideological and political education of the new model, can we ensure that the people of Higher Sustained and healthy development of education, thus promoting the comprehensive development of people. In this paper, with my own private universities in the practice, use surveys, documents, charts, summary, A Marxist education, science, and the party's ideological and political education Theory as the guide and implement the CPC Central Committee with the State Council, the spirit of the document, Systematic study of the nature of the content of private universities, nature and its development trend, Accurate analysis of the public and private college students to do college students is different from the ideological characteristics and the characteristics of the ideological and political education; Mining a profoundly private college students mode of management, A comprehensive discussion of the ideological and political education of theoretical principles and methods, in-depth study of the private universities to strengthen the ideological and political education and the promotion of private college students all-round development of specific measures. Private college students for the future ideological and political education work effectively in providing a scientific theoretical guidance.
Keywords/Search Tags:General Higher Education, Private higher education, ideological and political education
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