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Research Into Ways Of Training Rural Primary School Teachers In Sichuan Province

Posted on:2010-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360278952720Subject:Adult Education
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Specialized teachers, the present curriculum reform and quality education is in urgent need of high-quality teachers; in-service teacher training is an important way to improve the quality of the teaching profession. Primary Teachers'Training Center of Sichuan Province has done many things for rural primary school. It has achieved the results by "school-based training base, sending education to the countryside, on-site inspection training," It's sure to promote the professional development of teachers. However, this positive attempt is facing many extraordinary contradictions, such as systematic planning, principles, security, evaluation etc. In order to instruct the training of primary rural teachers more scientifically and continuously, we must research on this subject of great practical significance.In this paper, I take the main forms of training rural primary school teachers and problems and countermeasures in Sichuan Province as subjects. I take methods of documentary, comparison and investigation etc. Then I make recommendations and countermeasures for training rural primary school teachers of Sichuan Province.Firstly in this paper, to sketch the background of research and the new situation of teachers' training ; to sort out the main modes for the training of primary and secondary school teachers at home and abroad. Then, to take Primary Teachers'Training Center of Sichuan Province as an example; to analyze the characteristics of "base school-based training, training delivery to rural areas, on-site inspection training" etc; just for searching practice-based training examples. Based on the analysis of theoretical and practice, to focus on discussions of optimizing the training of primary school teachers in rural areas; we should make recommendations and responses as following: (1) stick to the principle of integrating theory with practice; the principle of openness and multi-cultural; the principle of level and stage; (2) to strengthen organizational security, training content security and system security; (3) to evaluate the training through ways of flexibility and practicality, to promote developing and processing evaluation, to set up democratic governance and self-evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:teacher training, primary teachers in rural areas, the professional development of teachers, school-based training and researching, send education to the countryside
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