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Investigation And Research On The Status Quo Of School-based Training Of Rural Primary School Teachers

Posted on:2021-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the further development of quality-oriented education and basic education curriculum reform,improving teachers' professional ability is a key issue in the field of education.The professional development of rural teachers is of great significance to the promotion of rural education.School-based training has become an important way to train rural teachers.School-based training started late in China.Since the1980 s,school-based training has been paid more attention to.Therefore,actively carrying out school-based training activities is an important way to improve teachers' overall quality and teachers' professional growth.Taking Huludao city as an example,this paper conducted a questionnaire survey on 200 teachers from 15 rural primary schools in Huludao city,and selected five teachers to conduct interviews.By means of questionnaire survey,interview,literature research and other research methods,this paper aims at the current problems of school-based training for rural primary school teachers,in order to find appropriate methods and decisions from such aspects as teachers' motivation to participate in school-based training,content construction of school-based training,organizational management system of school-based training,and specific implementation effect of school-based training.This paper mainly includes four parts:The first part: by describing the research background and significance of school-based training,it explains the significance of the concept of lifelong learning of school-based training for teachers,which can promote the professional growth of teachers and the sustainable development of school education.Starting from the theoretical and practical significance of school-based training,this paper expounds thelaw and significance of the development of teachers in the school-based training mode.This paper explores the influence of school-based training mode on the professional development of primary school teachers in rural areas of Huludao city by citing and studying the domestic and foreign pilot cases.The second part: through the investigation of Huludao city countryside elementary school teachers' school-based training in some cases,to teachers' participation in school-based training motivation,teachers' participation in school-based training time with the school situation,the school organization and the establishment of school-based training content system,the development of school-based training model,school-based training activities of the organization and management scale and the five dimensions as the research key points of the evaluation system,the study of the system.The third part: taking the school-based training of rural primary school teachers in Huludao city as an example,summarizes the practical problems in the implementation of school-based training and analyzes the causes.It is generally summarized into six aspects: first,the teachers are not clear about the school-based concept and understanding;Second,the organizer of the school-based training time management unreasonable phenomenon;Third,the school-based training arranged by the school is not effective;Fourth,the construction of school-based training model is relatively single,lack of innovation;Fifth,school organizers lack strict management system for school-based training of teachers.Sixth,there are drawbacks in the construction and implementation of school-based training evaluation system.The fourth part: mainly based on the advanced experience of school-based training for primary school teachers in China,integrated with the diversified school-based training models in foreign countries,based on the school-based training for primary school teachers in rural areas of Huludao city,explored the existing practical problems and proposed five constructive strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural primary school teachers, school-based training, teacher professional development
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