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Study On Capability Of Education Expenditure For Compulsory Education Of Rural Student's Household Of Minority Regions Of Northwest China

Posted on:2010-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360278996811Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since 2003, our government has implemented a series of subsidy policies such as"Two Exemption and One Benefit"and"new mechanism"for compulsory education students in the rural areas in the western country and gradually has increased the financial input of compulsory education in rural areas, which have improved the rural compulsory education meanwhile have reduced the education burden from the rural families due to paying for their children's tuition. However, because the ethnic minority areas in Northwest have been affected by natural, social, economic and other factors for a long period of time, which have restricted the education development of the ethnic minorities.Through the empirical research of the total 1345 students in compulsory education stage in Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia provinces and the statistical analysis on the education costs resulting from their children's education and the families'capacity of paying for the children's education, this paper aims at exploring and studying the education costs paid for the samples of students'compulsory education and the causing financial burden on their families. Then on the basis of exploring and studying, this paper analyzes the effective factors on the education expenditure. Through the relatively real and objective understanding of the families'education expenditure ability in the stage of compulsory education in the ethnic minority areas in the Northwest, this paper provides decision-making references for all levels of government departments who contribute to the compulsory education development, thus the development of the rural compulsory education in the northwest areas can be improved.This study consists of five parts:The first part includes the raising of questions and research background, as well as research purposes and significance, literature review, research methods and data.The second part mainly analyzes the direct education costs and opportunity costs of the samples of students in the ethnic minority areas in the northwest. The third part analyzes and discusses the family wealth of the samples of tudents, as well as their family ability to paying for children's education.The fourth part using the linear analysis method analyzes the effective factors on education expenditure of students'family at the stage of compulsory education, which shows that the home-consumptive fixed assets, the distance between home to school and the students'grade have significantly positive correlation with the total education costs.The fifth part includes the conclusion of this research and some recommendations. Through the analysis on education expenditure and education burden from the families at the stage of the students'compulsory education in the ethnic minority areas in Northwest education, some relevant conclusions can be drawn and some corresponding recommendations are put forward as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education Costs, Capability of Education Expenditure, Influencing Factors, Minority of Northwest in China
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