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Changchun University Guanghua School Of Sustainable Development Strategy

Posted on:2011-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Private Colleges and Universities in the rapid development of many of the problems exposed in both the external environment related issues, there are private colleges and universities own congenital shortage problem. In the current-run colleges and universities under the impact of the wave of strong enrollment, coupled with a large number of two-run colleges and universities affiliated institutions, such as an independent state-run institutions have mushroomed same applies itself a timely, which makes private institutions, not only with the same type of private institutions to compete, but also with the public higher learning institution to snatch biogenic. In such a competitive environment, the pressure on the survival of private universities than in the initial phase is undoubtedly growing. Therefore, private colleges and universities to achieve sustainable and harmonious development long way to go. This must have a clear understanding. Three-run institute is currently a total of 317 of China's Ministry of Education, it named three, with their specific position in the provincial education department in turn determine the three-run School of the provincial two independent college, which means three of the the nature and the educational methods has its own alternative approach. Judging from the current point of view, the provinces of the three different models of school running, most of a small number of secondary school is still the standard of teaching, but also a considerable portion of the provincial post-secondary grade 2, a few as part of a special national standards, very few can be to achieve common standards for undergraduate (nearly regular undergraduate) teaching model, three relatively large span of College Admissions, either from being a minority or a group of college entrance examination two crashes down the students come in, they can reach more than three lines where the election of candidates come in, in the case of lack of students can also drop points or down more than a post-secondary Toudang-line is even lower than the score line get in.; 3 College of the private higher education in China is a newborn, in strategic planning , strategic management, there are still some deficiencies need to College in the future development of practice to perfect step by step to explore. And the formulation of strategic planning is very important and urgent. However, private colleges and universities in order to achieve sustainable development, we must analyze the external environment facing and internal resources to develop strategic planning for their own development. In this paper, from the development of Changchun University Guanghua School of background analysis, the development of the college course and the current state of development a brief introduction, noting that as an independent institute for the Guanghua School of the future course of development the need to develop long-term strategic planning. The same time, the current external environment faced by colleges and universities to conduct analysis, from our competition in the current status of private colleges and universities are analyzed Private Colleges common problems and defects, and under the conditions of intense competition, run by private institutions and the public the advantages and disadvantages of to conduct a comprehensive analysis, building a moderately prosperous society in historical conditions, China Higher Education Reform in the world and the backdrop for the formation of public and private schools run with the pattern of common development, government, schools, markets, organizers, school and the management of the relationship between those who are in the division and restructuring, showing the complexity and diversity. Thus, in the "Private Education Promotion Law," organized by the occasion of the formal implementation of the "Private Higher Education Development Forum" will have a multi-dimensional characteristics of dialogue and rational thinking. Thesis focused on the development of private higher education system, the legal construction and guarantee the characteristics of private universities and development strategy and brand awareness and continue to develop ideas and so on start. This is precisely around this subject in greater detail, and description. And targeted against Guanghua School of internal resources and core competencies analysis, college education, always improve the quality of teaching and the overall quality of students the first place. Based on quality, seek development, and highlight the characteristics of first-class, and constantly deepen the educational reform, strengthening of teaching management and curriculum development, improving school conditions, optimizing the subjects, the adjustment of the professional layout, and gradually formed the Guanghua characteristics of subjects with the professional system, and strive to build the students to become useful The "overpass," there are really professional characteristics, students have talent, employment, there is a way out, further studies there is hope. College Teaching advanced equipment and complete living facilities first-class, in addition to conventional computer room and digital language lab, lecture hall is also equipped with multi-functional, electronic reading room, with simultaneous interpretation into line with international standards laboratories around the island language lab, can receive original closed-circuit television teaching foreign language programs, advanced multi-media classrooms, multi-media technology lab, network lab, software, laboratory, Communication Theory Laboratory, analog electronics technology lab, circuit lab, accounting Simulation Laboratory, ERP laboratory, industrial and commercial Management Case Laboratory, the International Trade Simulation Laboratory, investment banking Simulation Laboratory, the National Foreign Trade Merchandiser Training Center, Applied Psychology, 40 teaching laboratories and other laboratories. 15,000 square meters of library collections 451 thousand, 10 thousand copies of electronic books. Fitness activities are carried out to high standards and modern indoor tennis stadium, the new covers over 20,000 square meters of the Guanghua Hall, in which conduct of business, accommodation, dining, bathing, swimming, fitness facilities and equipment readily available. Campus supermarket, hospitals, bath center, dry cleaners, and other living facilities for students to provide good service. Taking into account the process of private institutions to develop common constraints, but this selection from the two aspects of funding and personnel constraints were analyzed to find the process of development in the private institutions, Guanghua College has the strengths and weaknesses. Right above the external environment and internal resources to carry out analysis of the main purpose was to develop in line with institutions themselves to develop the necessary strategic plan to make college to achieve sustainable development goals. College students, the quality of dubious authenticity, jagged, the students level of knowledge are not unified, great contrast. Thus, the Court in the new report when the standardized examination results according to their English is bound to take placement system, namely, "fast class" and the "slow class" as a means of teaching for the fast and slow steps in the classroom the quality of learning from one another. Faster in the College Entrance Examination in classes that meet one or two lines, but the experience has not seen a crash, two of the three institutions, taking up three lines Bunsen and the relatively high students; slower classes are those that meet three lines and just reached three lines (including through the relationship into the coming three Bunsen) students. This same three students formed the contrast in learning after graduation, fast and slow classes of degree obtained the number of classes to distance the fast class there are also individual students really learning hard work and admitted to the two graduate students. And this pattern is indeed the process of development in the Guanghua School achieved certain results. Obtain the number of graduate students each year are increasing. Greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of students, mobilized the enthusiasm of their learning. This is also the development of the Academy created a good atmosphere and foundation.Then the use of SWOT analysis matrix method for strategic portfolio analysis, using IE matrix method to develop strategies for their evaluation of combinations of instructions. Then this combination of objective evaluation of various strategies to carry out the strategy finalized. College of the spirit of "All for students" educational philosophy, in order to obtain the purpose of sustainable development, to develop a viable strategic plan for strategic management, through the external environment and internal resources, analysis, development in line with its own characteristics, Guanghua School of competitive strategy.
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