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The Status Analysis And Reformative Countermeasures Of Electrician Education In Secondary Vocational School

Posted on:2011-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Secondary vocational education is an important component of modern education, the important pillars of industrialization and socialization of production and modernization. In many secondary vocational schools, the learning needs of professional knowledge as a basis for the use of physical knowledge, particularly in the professional knowledge of electrical parts played an important role. At present, countries are vigorously develop vocational education, to meet the requirements of this situation, the traditional training models, classroom for the center, are also being integrated to the engineering, school-enterprise cooperation, work-study of training modes and so on, which require we must change the traditional teaching concepts, to foster a new concept of development of science education, In the mode of teaching philosophy should be substantial changes.This paper is divided into four parts. The first part is the necessity of improving the teaching electrician in secondary vocational schools. For the secondary vocational school students, the physical knowledge is not only to learn the basis of professional knowledge, but also the students hands-on ability. Physics in the cultivation of the sense of innovation plays an irreplaceable role as a top priority of the electrical part of the training must adapt to the new mode of reforms to improve the traditional teaching mode. Learning can be through the electrical students'rigorous scientific attitude, and raise their practical abilities. Therefore, it's necessary for secondary vocational schools to improve the teaching electrician. The second part is the teaching and learning situation electrician in secondary vocational schools,. At present, the basis of poor students in secondary vocational schools; learning electrician emotional low; teaching content layout unreasonable; teaching methods and teaching strategies are more single; the role of experimental courses are not conspicuous; teaching evaluation unreasonable. The third part of the secondary vocational schools, the teaching electrician made improvements. First, teachers must have a high sense of responsibility. Second, we must train student's electrician initiative, correct learning attitude, learning to master. Third, using different teaching methods implements the teaching. Fourth, the arrangements for teaching content are reasonable. Fifth, use advanced teaching methods. Sixth, give full play to the importance of practice teaching. Seventh, the examination of nuclear evaluation system should be improved. Part IV is divided into experimental component, for the third section presents the improved method, through a semester of Shijiazhuang City, the building of schools in 07 urban and rural civil engineering classes teaching experiment to verify the improvement measures have a certain effect. Through a semester of teaching practice, students growing interest in electrical and gradually learned how to learn, but also trained some of the thinking ability of students, innovation and practices of operational capability. Electrician in secondary vocational schools has made some improvements in the teaching effect.
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