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On The Poverty Of Shanxi's Rural Areas

Posted on:2011-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360308476150Subject:Social security
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Poverty is a global problem, and anti-poverty is a historical assignment which humans have always been confronted. Since 1980s, the world-wide poverty had being increasingly rampant and aroused the universal concern of the international community and governments. China, as a developing country, which agricultural population makes up a large proportion of employed population, still has a problem of"grinding poverty"in rural areas, though the economy has sustainedly developed and farmers' income level has increasingly improved since the introduction of reform and opening policies.As one of the less-developed and impoverished interior provinces of China,Shanxi is also one of the eighteen impoverished concentration areas. There are 57 poverty-stricken counties, accounts for 67% of the total amount of the whole province. These counties are mostly old revolutionary base areas and due to their poor natural conditions and infrastructure, the rural economy growth is slowing down. How to improve the income of peasants in poor areas of Shanxi, to help them out of poverty and being rich, and to lead them on the path of sustainable development is the historical responsibility that the whole society confronted.This paper, which was based on the basic theories of poverty both at home and abroad, applied the Principles of Economics and the Theory of Sociology and used the theories of poverty and anti-poverty all over the world for reference. On the basis of defining concept, standard of poverty and poor-areas broader, the paper analyzed the current situation of Shanxi's rural impoverished areas and the factors of poverty—natural factor, business factor and social factor of poverty. It pointed out that these three factors formed a poverty chain with causation and this poverty chain was the origin of poverty of Shanxi's impoverished areas.For the situation and causes of poverty in Shanxi's impoverished rural areas, this paper hold an opinion that to eradicate rural poverty issues in Shanxi province, the anti-poverty strategy and policy should be adjusted, guidance and planning for poverty reduction work in poor areas should be done in all measures from natural, economic and social aspects.On anti-poverty strategy, the transition of anti-poverty strategy should be materialized in anti-poverty system, patterns, and input methods. On anti-poverty tactics, in connection with natural causes, the infrastructure should be strengthened, the poor production and living conditions should be improved, so as to eliminate the economic causes for environmental foundation; for economic causes, industrial structure should be optimized, financial investment should be strengthened and economic development should be promoted, so as to eliminate social causes for economic foundations; for social causes, greater investment should be proposed, the quality of the labor force in poor areas should be improved ,and the poor's own development capability should also be improved. On anti-poverty measures, we should continue to promote and strengthen the effective anti-poverty measures,on the other hand, we should also creatively take targeted anti-poverty measures which are based on the specific conditions in different regions,in accordance with local conditions.The aim of this research is, through seeking a new way of anti-poverty in Shanxi's rural areas, to change the present station of its impoverished areas, and to promote its new village construction and coordinated economic growth.
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