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Research On The Reform Of The Selection And Appointment System Of The Party And Government Leading Cadres In The New

Posted on:2015-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330431488027Subject:Marxism in China
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Currently, the importance of the leading cadre selection and appointment systemreform of the Party and government has become increasingly prominent, how to selectand assign cadres suitable, concerning the objectives that comprehensive buildingwell-off society centuries, concerning the socialist cause’ construction, andconcerning the party’s Self-construction. Based on the case that the academic researchof this theory is not in-depth yet, combing and analyzes the context of the the leadingcadre selection and appointment system reform of the Party and government in pasttimes, summarized and presented the idea of reform, hoping to promote the study ofthis topic to some extent.The preface is mainly noted the historical and practical basis, how did domesticand foreign scholars research the status selection and appointment system reform, andwhere there may be Innovation and inadequate. Re-defined the following concepts,such as cadres, leading cadres, leading cadres selection and appointment system.Finally, explain several research methods which are used in the process of writing thispaper.At the first part, the article combed from ancient and modern times, China hasexperienced the evolution over the party and government leaders (in the ancientnamed official) selection and appointment system, divides it into classical system ofelection officials, party’s leadership cadre selection and appointment system reformbefore the founding,before opening up, after opening up, refined it, and brieflydiscusses the Achievements and shortcomings of the system of selecting andappointing cadres in each period.At the second part, the article analyzes the Achievement of the leading cadreselection and appointment system reform of the Party and government at present,including: leadership of the CPC Central Committee has deeper understanding of thesystem reform, progress in the Institutionalized, scientific and democratic, theachievement of system Innovation, Political foundation of the Selection andappointment of Party and government’s leading cadres reform Initially formed. Alsoanalyzes the shortcomings in the reform process, such as problem about selectionsystem, monitoring mechanisms and power configuration.At the third part, the article points out the necessity of the new era of reformparty and government’s leadership cadre selection and appointment system, For theinternational circumstances, the reform of the cadre management developmentrequirements and needs, institutional reform is imperative. And analyzes theopportunities and challenges likely to face in the reform process.At the fourth part, the article presents a vision for the leading cadre selection andappointment system reform of the Party and government. The overall objectives of thereform,which is Institutionalized, scientific and democratic. Pointed out that the basictask of reform and the basic principles to be followed. Combined with China’s national conditions, party organizational work situation, and point out reformmeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:the leading cadre selection and appointment system reform of the Partyand government, historical evolution, achievements and drawbacks, reform ideas
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