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A Study On The Implementation Of The Policies Of Providing For The Aged In The Community Of Yangzhou City

Posted on:2015-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the community home endowment policy, community home endowment concept began to appear in people’s lives, our part of the city has entered the policy community old-age home on the road, and achieved good results. Yangzhou city is the aging of population in China one of the most serious city, in the first time community home endowment policy, with the developing Yangzhou, reduce the aging population in Yangzhou, will start the community home endowment policy implementation as the focus of city development, in the implementation of the policy in the process also encountered the problem. In order to better solve the Yangzhou old industry, the problem of population aging, the current is necessary to Yangzhou City, the current policy community home endowment implementing situation, problems encountered in the implementation process and. Based on this, this study from the Yangzhou city community home endowment situation, system analysis of Yangzhou city community home endowment policy implementation, provide more theoretical basis for the study of China’s provinces and cities community home endowment, to further push the endowment policy community of our country, quickly alleviate aging problem is becoming more and more serious domestic, and put forward reasonable suggestions to promote the development of community home endowment optimization policy implementation effect, in order to provide a reference for our country city community home endowment research,The main body of this research is divided into five chapters:the first chapter is the introduction, including research background, literature review, research content and ideas, research methods; the second chapter describes the theoretical basis and experience for reference, including the theoretical basis, foreign experience, the enlightenment to our country; the third chapter expounds the endowment policy community home in our evolution, including the embryonic stage, the formation stage, the formal introduction of step stage; the fourth chapter has carried on the analysis to the Yangzhou city community home endowment policy effects, including Yangzhou city executive community home endowment policy execution status, perform community home endowment policy effect analysis, promoting community home care policies and the causes of the problems and puts forward some suggestions to promote the optimization; pension development policy community home implementation effect of fifth chapters, including the policy itself, policy implementation of the main optimization, stimulate policy target groups of the initiative, to build a good environment of policy implementation.This study used literature research method, social investigation method, system analysis method and comparison research method, first of all, through a variety of means to collected relevant literature, and all the literature collation and summarized, secondly, in-depth Yangzhou city pension institutions, collection of Yangzhou city community home endowment policy relevant data and information, and finally, starting from the analysis of the endowment service system in China, comparative analysis of domestic and foreign community nursing service mode, draw lessons from the successful case, gradually expanded Yangzhou city to promote the study of policy community home endowment execution.Compared with the research results and the research content and many scholars at home and abroad, the study more specific:taking Yangzhou city as an example, the community home endowment policy implementation research, so as to solve more concrete methods are proposed according to the existing in the implementation of pension policy in Yangzhou city; research perspective:Based on many more novel based on the research results at home and abroad, plans to start from the perspective of policy implementation, analysis, summarized Yangzhou city community home-based care services as well as the status quo in policy making and implementation level problems and gain experience, trying to provide safe, comfortable, warm, comprehensive, professional service for the aged for more elderly people in Yangzhou City, and eventually to further promote the smooth solution the pension problem in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:community service for home care of elderly, policy, the agingsociety, community service facilities for the elderly, yangzhou
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