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Research On Grass - Roots Government 's Ability To Deal With Mass Incident In The View Of Resource Integration

Posted on:2015-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330467455043Subject:Administrative Management
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Now,China is in the special period of economic transformation,the adjustment of economic structure is initiating a rapidtransformation of the society and making the social benefit morediversified and complicated. The transformation produced manysocial problems. The most prominent performance is increasinglyfrequent group events that not only caused great social harm, alsoharmed the government image and credibility. It has been proved thatthe most of group events happen in rural and the grassroots. The localgovernment is “the first hurdle”of group events that asked forhigher requirements to coping ability. but, the local government’sability to cope with group events has deficiencies. As is known toall,“the government crisis management is that configuring allkinds of resources that be used to responding crisis,for quicklyand efficiently eliminate the bad effects.” That emphasized theimportance of resources integration. Under the perspective ofresources integration, this article analyzes two typical cases,Finds the deficiencies of the local government’s integration abilityto the authority, system, organization, information, material andhuman resources. Then analyzes the causes of deficiencies, andpoints out that the grassroots government’s social managementability,the drawbacks of China’s administrative system and thelimitation of the appraisal mechanism are the reasons. Finally, thisarticle seeks to promote the ability of the local government to copewith group events on perspective of resources integration, andpoints out the most important measure is improving the integrationability of the six aspects of emergency resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:local government, group events, resources integration, coping capacity
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