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A Study Of The Small And Medium-Sized Enterprise Strategic Choosing Based On Coopetition

Posted on:2011-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330332984357Subject:Business Administration
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Along with economical globalization unceasing advancement,Information Technology swift and violent development, demand variation unceasing aggravating and competition diversification day by day intense, Our country Small and medium-sized enterprise faces the market environment and the competition environment had the deep transformation, the competition scope expanded from the single enterprise competition to the industrial chain competition, the competition form also from the original antagonism competition gradually to the cooperation-competition transition. The enterprise needs to learn to survive and develop together with the market other economic subject, focuse in the long-term common interest, also must jump out "the Prisoner's Dilemma", also do not have to eliminate the competitor thoroughly, but it must seek the new market opportunity diligently or establish the new commercial rule to implement the coopetition strategy, realizes the mutual benefit and "win-win".This thesis thinks coopetition is the new enterprise strategy relations in the 21st century Knowledge Economy time, first combs the generating process and the related theory and the practice from the antagonism competition to the cooperation-competition in the strategic management theory developing process, studies the small and medium-sized enterprise's significance of carrying on coopetition, the condition and the essential factor of implementing coopetition strategy, and analyzes the small and medium-sized enterprise's question which exists in the coopetition strategy relations, and propose the corresponding strategy from the co-opetitive network's aspect to the co-opetitive enterprise's aspect, thus helps to solve the intrinsic stability (co-opetitive relation's stability) of the small and medium-sized enterprise's coopetition strategy. This thesis research the principle and the goal of choosing co-opetitive partners, puts forward the proposal that construct and consummate the co-opetitive network. After the system analysis of co-opetitive actions and co-opetitive partners, This thesis proposes the overall frame and the implementation step of implementing coopetition strategy by the small and medium-sized enterprise, in view of the small and medium-sized enterprise's character, propose suits the coopetition pattern which the small and medium-sized enterprise participates, and suggests how the small and medium-sized enterprise does participate coopetition pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:coopetition strategy, cooperation game, co-opetitive partner, the mid-small enterprises cluster, horizontal alliance, non-competitive strategic alliance
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