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Research On Performance Improvement Of EPC Projects Based On Structural Equation Modeling

Posted on:2018-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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EPC general contracting model has gradually become the mainstream mode of international engineering contractors,more and more engineering contractors in our country begin to develop in the field of EPC general contract,the general contractor usually set up their own organization and management mechanism to ensure the successful completion of the EPC project.The construction of the EPC model has the characteristics of large scale of investment,difficulty in management,and high technical requirements.Therefore,EPC project performance improvement research has profound and significant theoretical and practical significance.This study extracted the influencing factors of the performance of China's EPC projects based on the relevant literature at home and abroad,combined with the actual situation of China's EPC project.By the way of questionnaire,this paper makes a factor analysis of the related data affecting the performance of EPC project,and obtains five key common factors,which are identified as the five latent variables that affect the performance of EPC project.The structural equation model of influencing factors of performance in EPC project is established,which is fitted and estimated,revised,and interpreted through AMOS software.The empirical analysis and test are carried out through the structural equation model analysis method,and finally determine the influencing factors model of performance in EPC project.Finally,this study the conclusions,some influencing factors have a significant positive impact on the performance of EPC projects.And the influence degree of each factor on EPC project performance is analyzed.Finally,this paper puts forward some countermeasures to improve the performance of EPC project according to the determination of affecting factors.
Keywords/Search Tags:EPC project, factor analysis, structural equation model, performance improvement
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