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Study On The Strategies Of Grain Safety Protection In Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2007-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The grain is a strategic industry for peaceful world, is the foundation for humansurvival and the society development, and is related to the national rise and fall andsociety's safety. The problem of grain security is a difficult problem all over the world,the various countries in the world all take highly regarding to this. The safeguardinggrain security is especially important in China due to too many people with little land.At present in our country, the grain consumption is approximately 4.8-4.9 hundredmillion tons annually, the warning line for the grain security is 485 million tons, andthe grain productivity is about 480 million tons. The grain supply and demand keepbalance basically. However, along with unceasing reduction of the farming land andunceasing increasing of the population, the grain security still is an extremely seriousproblem in our country within the future of 20-30 years.Jiangsu is a big province for the grain production with an output about 28 milliontons annually. Jiangsu also is a big province for the grain expending with expenseabout 31 million tons annually. In 1997, the grain yield achieved the highest point of35.6379 million tons in the history of Jiangsu. The grain yield had maintained at thelevel of 33 million tons during 1998-2000 annually. After entered the new century,the grain yield of Jiangsu has glided down year by year. It dropped to 24.7185 milliontons in 2003. The anural production was 28.29 million ton and 28.3459 million tonrespectively in 2004 and 2005. According to the present grain productivity in Jiangsu,the balance between the grain production and demand can be realized and it cannot occur as a major problem in the short-term. However, the hidden danger of grainsecurity still exists, cannot be taken lightly.Safeguards the grain security of Jiangsu is a firm foundation that can makeeconomic boom and social stability, guarantee the realization of goal of "two to takethe lead" in Jiangsu. It has an important practical and historical significance toresearch the countermeasure for safeguarding the grain security in Jiangsu. Accordingto the connotation of the grain security, the rule for market economy and the situationof Jiangsu, this article analyses factors that affects the grain security of Jiangsu,studies influence factors from various essential factors to the grain security, andresearch the relationship and inner link between various essential factors. Theinfluence rule of various essential factors to the grain security of Jiangsu has beenconcluded. The countermeasure for safeguarding the grain security of Jiangsu hasbeen proposed through the research.After investigation and study analysis, this article obtains the primary factors thataffect the grain security of Jiangsu are: 1. The irreversible influence that farmingland resources reduces day by day; 2. The influence that the pressure for populationgrowth is big. According to the rate of increment 5‰yearly, the population of entireprovince will achieve 80 million by 2020 and 36 million tons of the grain will beexpected to expend yearly. 3. The influence that the nmning of land productive forcesis restricted. The pollution of water, earth resources are serious. The farmland basicconstruction is insufficiency. The water conservancy facilities are too old. 4. Theinfluence that the investment for the innovation of agricultural science and technologyis insufficient. The reserve for improved seed, high-tech and so on are insufficient,which urgently need for production. 5. The influence that comparison benefits forplanting crops is low, so the farmer's enthusiasm for planting crops is not high, andthe quality of rural labor force is somewhat low so that the existing grain productivitycannot be able to run at the maximized level.The main countermeasures for safeguarding the grain security of Jiangsuproposed by this paper are: 1. The thoughts of the grain security must be set upcorrectly and reliably. We must think of danger when in peace and alert ourselves allthe time. 2. The realization of grain ration self-sufficient must be taken as a long-term work goal in each place of Jiangsu. 3. The existed policy and measure forsafeguarding grain security, which made by central and local government, must be putin place. 4. The grain production increasing system, which is sustainable development,must be set up rapidly. 5. The grain synthesis productivity must be raised vigorously.The reserve of the grain productivity must be strengthened as well. The grain could bestored in the field, through methods of science and technology, and in the public.
Keywords/Search Tags:grain security, policy of supporting the grain production, ncreasing system for the grain production, grain synthesis productivity
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