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Study On The Policy Of National Food Security In The Grain Production

Posted on:2012-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330338461441Subject:Public Management
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70's in 20th century, the radicle Xin Ge of former American Secretary of State once said:"Who controled oil, who controled all nations;Who controled a commissary, who controled all people." The commissary safety is always relation our country national economy deveolp, community stabilization and nation independence of overall important strategic question. Party the center, state council always and highly value a commissary safety, insist having a foothold to depend the national commissary safety of domestic guarantee provisionment at the fundamental strategy, it is to produce a question to supply nucleus, its foundation is to want to raise commissary capacity, government of the policy direction is the decisive factor that effects a commissary shape.This text with ensure a national commissary safety, create a sound exaltation commissary capacity long effect machining for catalogue mark, made use of public economics and public policy to select to wait concerning the theory, used cultural heritage search, inspect a search, quantitative analysis and pattern to analyze etc. method. Our grain production status quo of the system, at the national food security, the impact of the view to increase productivity of cultivated land protection, the flow, scientific and technological support and financial support, the agricultural insurance, the current policy and implementation of the effect that the problems. Research think that our provisions of the increase in production conditions improve, variety and structure, optimize. But also exist farmland Ji to need to be protected, science and technology underpin capability weaker, the weather change effect enlargement, supply and demand local area and structure antinomy overhang, commissary capacity the chain safety face questions like challenge,etc. In recent years, the effects of policies underline effectively arouse the enthusiasm of farmers grow food. But also face to subsidize a policy effect to gradually decrease, grow food compare efficiency still low, commissary finance outgo good demand etc. question, the related policy runs there is still certain difficulty on strength and depth and even still exist some deep times of policy question.This text proposed the policy object of "hide the food is at the people, hide the food is at the earth, hide a food at science and technology" organic wedge bonding and proposed the policy mindset of "the perfect bounty system manages agreeable commissary rate and protects an agriculture resource and raises foundation invest and tiltings advantage to produce zone, expand large-scale science and technology for plant, promoting a commissary, sound commissary legal system ".Combine to propose a counterplan suggestion.The textual innovation dot lay in to for affirming national commissary safe question attribute and systematically carry on present condition, effect and question analysis to the commissary safe and related policy and proposed to guarantee a national commissary safety, improve policy object, policy mindset and counterplan suggestion of commissary capacity. Scarcity it Be been placed in to lack commissary capacity of metered pattern search.
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