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Research Of Technical Innovation Ability On Shaan'xi Zhong Tian Company

Posted on:2007-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360215464751Subject:Business Administration
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Along with the economical globalization and the market competition further intensify, enterprises have become the main body in technical innovation gradually. Furthermore, technical innovation is more and more important to enterprises' development, which depends on the technical innovation ability enhancement. Therefore, innovation ability has become the core of competitiveness of a enterprise and an important basis for a enterprise's strength and prosperity in the context of the knowledge-based economy. In this research, Zhong Tian company was taken as representative of civilian corporations affiliated to state-owned war industry enterprises, of which technical innovation ability was studied, which is of stronger reality and instruction significance.In the research, First, technical innovation theory was taken as the instruction, Zhong Tian company's technical innovation ability as the research object, and system analysis method as the research way. Then the analysis model of Zhong Tian company's technical innovation ability was constructed according to the company's technical innovation process. Secondly, the above model and on-the-spot investigation method were used to analyze the present situation and existing problems of Zhong Tian company's technical innovation ability in detail. A series of the existing problems were further inducted and reorganized. Thirdly, Based on the above research, questionnaire survey and weighting methods combined with Fishbone chart analysis method were adopted to carry on the statistical analysis on the main questions existed in Zhong Tian company's technical innovation ability, and the focal questions were inducted definitely. Last, the countermeasure was established and further optimized in view the above main questions.The suggestions of the research on Zhong Tian company are as follows: (1) The technological development main direction of the company is to be about the design of controllable flight vehicle, fog dissipation by man-power, a series of low-cost rockets for raining and anti-hailing, small-scale gas generator and special materials. (2) Internal drive mechanism of the company should be perfected, of which the main contents are salary, professional profession design, training of the staff according to the professional characteristics of researchers, administrators and marketing personnel. (3) The fund investment of research and development should be increased during the period of the eleventh five-year plan. (4) The market investigation and study ability of marketing department should be improved.The research is expected to have some effect on improving Zhong Tian company's technical innovation ability, and, furthermore, to have more higher reference value on civilian corporations affiliated to state-owned war industry enterprises, and other colleague enterprises.
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