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Sichuan Science And Technology Innovation Ability Evaluation

Posted on:2014-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330425979763Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the development of science and technology, Science and technology innovation is not only a key to the survival and development of an enterprise, but also playing an important role in the economy of the provinces, the national, or even the whole world. Typically, the technological development and innovation ability of a province also can reflect the comprehensive competitiveness of the province. Only when one province improves the innovation ability of science and technology, can it make itself invincible in the competition. Therefore, research regional scientific and technological innovation has an important strategic meaning and realistic significance for understanding and grasping regional scientific and technological and economic development, and for advancing regional scientific and technological innovative ability and regional economic development capability and its international competitiveness.With viewing the theory and results of international research and mainly takes the regression analysis. This paper studies from the following aspects:first of all, this paper begins with the basic concept of scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the connotation and composition of technological innovation, analyzing the economic development level in Sichuan from2006to2011, then this paper mainly empirical analyzes the current status of regional scientific and technological innovation in these aspects:the progress of science and technology level, the talents and financial input into scientific and technological activities, the innovation output and the innovation infrastructure. Secondly, this paper evaluates the regional scientific and technological innovative ability of21cities in Sichuan province through establishing an evaluation index system for regional scientific and technological innovative ability by using factor analysis, to find the advantage and disadvantage in cities.Then, by synthesizing the current status and the evaluation research of regional scientific and technological innovative ability, we can draw these following conclusions:(1)The science and technology innovation ability of Sichuan province have improved greatly in recent years, and rank the top in the western provinces, but the overall innovation level is still low, also it still has a larger gap when compared with developed regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou province;(2)The unbalanced development in regional technological innovation is the distinct feature in Sichuan, which highlights in these aspects:the distribution of the innovation elements is not balanced in cities, innovation relies mostly on Chengdu, Mianyang and Deyang presenting a situation that the higher level of economic development, the stronger ability of technological innovation. Finally, this paper proposes some countermeasures how to enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation in these aspects:the development goals and priorities, innovation input, original innovation ability, industry-university-institute cooperation and environment of scientific and technological innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science and technology innovation, Science and technology innovationability, Innovation input, Innovation output, Factor analysis
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