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Research On The Promotion Of Regional Science And Technology Innovation Ability

Posted on:2019-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330596951874Subject:Public Administration
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Science and technology are the primary productive forces.Today,when the world situation is changing,scientific and technological innovation has become a key factor in determining the balance of world political,economic power and the future and destiny of the country and has become a revolutionary force for social change."Whether a country is strong or not depends not only on the size of its economy,the size of its population or the size of its territory.One of the reasons why our country was lagged behind and beaten in modern history is the backwardness of science and technology." Therefore,it is urgent to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation.Songjiang District actively comply with the trend of the times,and it opens the transition from "Songjiang manufacture" to "Songjiang creation".The purpose of this paper is to improve the ability of regional science and technology innovation,I select Songjiang District of Shanghai as a study case,comprehensively use Ahp analysis,questionnaire survey and other methods,establish the Evaluation Index system of Regional Science and Technology Innovation ability,understand the present situation and the deficiency and the cause of science and technology innovation ability of Songjiang District.On the basis of this,the paper puts forwardsome ideas and countermeasures to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation in Songjiang District.The main contents of this paper include five aspects: firstly,elucidate the main purpose and significance of this study,review the paper of China and overseas,introduce the research ideas and methods,Innovation and inadequacies of the study.Secondly,define the concepts of district,scientific and technological innovation,scientific and technological innovation ability,etc.Then,summarizing and combing the basic situation of scientific and technological innovation ability in Songjiang District,introducing the present situation of scientific and technological innovation ability in Songjiang District.Fourthly,using the Analytic hierarchy process,the evaluation index system of scientific and technological innovation ability is designed.Through the quantitative analysis to the science and technology innovation ability of the Songjiang district,comparing with Minhang District and Qingpu District,obtains the question which restricts the science and technology innovation of the area at present,and explains in four angles from the government,the university,the enterprises to the society.Finally,according to the existing problems and cause analysis,put forward the relevant countermeasures and measures to promote the ability of regional science and technology innovation.Taking Songjiang district as an example,this paper analyzes the present situation of science and technology innovation ability,constructs the index system of regional science and technology innovation ability,and evaluates Songjiang district,Minhang district and Qingpu district by the method of weighted function of quantitative value.On the basis of visiting some universities and enterprises,combined with the key points of Songjiang G60 Section Innovation Corridor,the author thinks that the future should be based on the government,universities,enterprises,social environment.First,to deepen the reform of the administrative system and continuously increase the financial input;Second,to speed up the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements,and to build a dual district of Songjiang University City;Third,to stimulate the kinetic energy of enterprise innovation and increase the guarantee of talents;Fourth,toexpand the supply of essential elements to form a strong environmental support.
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