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The Study Of Technology Innovation Ability And Model Of Company H.

Posted on:2012-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330371452062Subject:Project management
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Building an innovative country, the core is to enhance capability of independent innovation. With the recent financial crisis has spread and spread, the domestic manufacturing enterprises are facing more serious challenges. Because of external and internal changes in competitive pressures, the local companies have to seek to enhance technological innovation actively in order to better face the dramatic changes in the environment. As a result, that how to enhance technological innovation and choice patterns of technological innovation has become a national academic, business and government attention.First in the paper, the concept of technological innovation, technological innovation ability evaluation system and method would be analyzed and summarized. According to access to technology resources and technical capacity of the different sources of technological innovation, three basic modes of innovation, including independent innovation, imitation innovation and cooperative innovation, would be discussed; Secondly, as sample as Company H, analysis of the H point of the company's innovative technology achievements from product innovation, process innovation; to capital investment capacity, R&D capability, manufacturing capability, marketing capability as an evaluation index for 14 sub-factors as a secondary evaluation index was constructed for technological innovation ability evaluation system and method using network analysis matrix calculation and analysis. That in the process of technological innovation to enhance the present lack of funds R&D investment, technological innovation intensity is low, staff training, lack of funding and other issues, and accordingly put forward the corresponding recommendations for improvement. Then, the analysis in different stages of development have taken a different pattern of technological innovation, discusses technology innovation mode selection of company H. Finally, the current technology innovation mode of company H, should improve technological innovation from scientific decision-making, and strengthen the company cultural incentives to cultivate long-term development of the "soft" environment and deepen cooperation.This paper from the enterprise's technological innovation capability and innovation mode for the H point of the development of the company and make some feasible suggestions, but also for other medium manufacturing...
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological innovation, Technical innovation ability, Technological innovation mode, Analytic network process
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