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The Analysis On The Balance Of Supply And Demand Of Water Resources In Huhhot

Posted on:2008-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360218451924Subject:Human Geography
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The water is the foundational natural resource and the strategic economical resources, and it is the essential factor of ecological environment. The water resources'sustainable use, is the extremely important guarantee of the sustainable development of city and even the state'economy and society, is the extremely important guarantee of human environment'maintenance ,too. In the arid and half arid area of northwest, the water resources is short, and the ecological environment is frail, so the water resources is the primary restricted factor of the local social economy development and the ecological environment improvement. The city of Huhhot lies in the arid half arid area of North part of our country. The water resources is 450 m3 per person there , which is the 1/6 of national average amount ,so Huhhot is one of the cities which seriously lacks water of the nation. In the recent 10 years, along with the development of Huhhot'economic and society, the scale of the water resources using unceasingly expanded, have caused a series of ecological environment problems , moreover if the water resources was insufficient, had to cause the hinders economical development to receive,seriously the society would be stable. Therefore it has the great strengthened significance to do such a research of the Huhhot water resources supply and demand balance.The paper is based on the key project of Inner Mongolia natural sciences fund " The supporting capacity of Huhhot'water resources analysis and optimized disposition research" and the scientific research foundation project of Inner Mongolia Normal University " The present situation and existence question of Huhhot'water resources ". In the foundation of reorganizing the Huhhot hydrological datas in the full collection, analyzes the present situation of Huhhot water resources. The datas include the natural survey (climate, terrain landform, soil vegetation, river system, hydrology geology),the social economy survey(agriculture, industry, inhabitant receive),the water resources survey (surface water resources quantity, ground water resources quantity, total water resources quantity, surface water quality, ground water quality), the present situation of the water resources (the present situation of hydraulic engineering, the present situation and the analysis of water supply), the existence question of the water resources (pollution and waste of water resources, ultra pick of ground water, lowly used, the contradictory of supply and demand, the laws and regulations is not perfect, lag of management and so on). Use the principle of system dynamics established the model of the supply and demand of Huhhot water resources ,and the water resources system includes six subsystems has carried on the causal relation analysis ,those are the population, the economical, the animal husbandry, the cultivated land, the water resources; Establish system dynamics equation forecast the supply and demand condition of Huhhot'water resources in high, center and low plans in 2020, thus enters supply and demand balance analysis of the water resources ,the result is that the center plan namely steady steps growth plan is the reasonable water resources supply and demand plan ;According to the present situation of the Huhhot water resources ,propose the way of the positive cycle of the Huhhot water resources , construction of saving water society, preventing and controlling water pollution, reasonable development of water resources, adjustment of the industrial structure water, present situation of improvement hydraulic engineering, enlarging the science and technology, strengthening the legislative work, entering the unified plan management of water resources and so on .The paper provides the science reference of setup the saving water society in Huhhot. Finally achieves sustainable development of the society ,the economical and the environment in Huhhot by the water resources'sustainable use .
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