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Research On The Small And Medium-sized Enterprises' Technology Innovation Tactics Decision

Posted on:2009-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C W PeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360245955175Subject:Business management
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Small and medium-sized enterprises have always been very important on economic development,at present,small and medium-sized enterprises become the important component in our national economy,playing the irreplaceable positive role in driving the technological progress,promoting international trade, stability economic growth,reducing the unemployment etc..With the change of the international economic situation and development thoroughly reform and opening-up of our country,our country's small and medium-sized enterprises will act more important function in the future economic development of our country, so it is very important to strengthen the competitiveness promote the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises for the sake of develop to the economy of our country,however with rapid change of the knowledge and demand on our period,taking the technological innovation road is the inevitable choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.In our country,because small and medium-sized enterprises start relatively late,technological innovation ability is still relatively weak,at the same time, most small and medium-sized enterprises exist blindness on the technological innovation tactics,which have caused small and medium-sized enterprises to waste a large amount of manpower and materials in the course of technological innovation,how small and medium-sized enterprises make a reasonable tactic to avoid risk or minimize the risk have become a difficult problem for administrators of small and medium-sized enterprises.In order to quicken the development of small and medium-sized enterprises further,we need study how small and medium-sized enterprises make the suitable technological innovation tactics under the new situation,to help small and medium-sized enterprises reduce the innovation risk to minimum extent,reach the best income.This text exactly proceeds from this current situation to study the technological innovation tactics problem of small and medium-sized enterprises.First of all,the article has reviewed the relevant theories of technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises,which is the source and motive force of enterprise's development technological innovation,explain the basic theories of technological innovation development of small and medium-sized enterprises and define the guidelines of technological innovation.Then,this text regards small and medium-sized enterprises on SBS in WuHan as samples and carries on questionnaire investigation,make detailed investigations tactics choose and influence factors to small and medium-sized enterprises technological innovation; Then this text will choose to analyzed the technological innovation tactics of small and medium-sized enterprises accord to the questionnaire investigation result,the thesis will regard relevant theories in the game theory as the basis,will carry on comparative analysis to the technological innovation tactics type of small and medium-sized enterprises,find out the most suitable technological innovation tactics for small and medium-sized enterprises in case of different technological innovations;Finally this text will propose relevant suggestion and countermeasure.This text has made the relatively rational technological innovation tactics on the entities for small and medium-sized enterprises through the real data questionnaire investigation and theory analysis,hope to be able to be given some inspire to the small and medium-sized enterprises of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and medium-sized enterprises, Technological innovation, STACKEL Berg model, Technology diffusion effect
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