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A Research On Human Resource Management Information System Of XX Software Outsourcing Company

Posted on:2011-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360305984884Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The software industry a competitive advantage in China is important. The application software could help transform and upgrade traditional enterprises, improve the modern enterprise management level and enhance international competitiveness. Meanwhile, the software industry is a high intelligence, high value-added, non-polluting industries, will help make China's economy from a resource economy to a knowledge-based economy of transition, leading technology innovation and change in the pattern of economic growth software companies directly affect the success of our sustainable development of the national economy, and successful business success depends on whether the enterprise is largely used for their development of effective management.This article is intended to software companies on product-based management model of the types and characteristics of a study for this particular field, namely, product type software companies, combined with its growth constraints, to find the product type for the general application of the software development process management model, the domestic products of different sizes based software company to develop its management in a reference drawing. This study includes three parts:First, note the significance of this issue, a brief description of the situation at home and abroad, and introduced the main contents of this paper and the research framework.Second, specify the product type software business and management concepts, and briefly introduced the current domestic and international management types and characteristics.Third, the more mature UF products company based software company as the representative, citing the company's management about the model, then according to the process of growing the business management component of the distribution, obtained at different stages of development The software-based enterprise management.Finally, talk to this general rule applies to the specific company cases, due to bring fruitful results, indicating the validity of this law and in such enterprises generally applied.Results of the paper features the following two points:First, summed up the general business management software products based components and the specific implementation.Second, the analysis of product-based software development company law and the importance of factors affecting the distribution, summarize the various stages of management plan, in the general line of software products to enterprises, promotion and application.
Keywords/Search Tags:product type software, software companies, management, constraints
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