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Research On The Relationship Between Human Resource Value And Salary Of Software Developers

Posted on:2017-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The software enterprises of China, whether it is in the talent pool or in the technical ability aspect, has not formed a fully mature market mechanism, the software used in the substrate are mostly imported from abroad. In addition, the domestic awareness of intellectual property is relatively weak compared with foreigners, very easy to be copied and migrated. In addition, the domestic software product users are ususally not software engineers and easily to be attracted by new things. The above reasons caused non-rational phenomenon in the development of technology(tools and platform) and the user, thus producing a group of software developer with Chinese characteristics, called ”wave type” software developers in this paper, means those developers acquire basic software operation and coding skills through rapid training, the human resource value is relatively lower. On the contrary, the stable type of software developers, with higher education background on software development, has higher human resources value. They are mostly engaged in the development of software design and database, these kinds of software development works require higher education better capability, so the training cost is relatively higher. The two groups of employees has different kinds of reality reflect between their potential value and salary, and sometimes the phenomenon of human resources with lower potential value get higher salary than the wave type software developers may happen, which subvert our understanding of the laws of the market economy, and confuses some scholars.Based on the above research background and problems, this paper divided the software developers into stable type and wave type according to China present small and medium-sized software enterprises development personnel status and their technical features, and then put forward the three empirical analysis hypothesis. 1: to stable type software developers the human resource value and the salary are positively related, namely the human resource value and the salary presents with the same trend, either increase or decrease; 2: to wave type software development personnel, the relation between human resources value and their salary is not linear, that is, the salary is up and down with irregular trend. 3: there exists a negative correlation between “supply” of software developers and their market “demand and salary”, namely when the wave type software developers supply is less than the market demand, the salary will improve as the market demand increase; if the software developers supply is greater than the market demand, the salary will decrease as market demand decrease. This article attempt to verify the hypothesis draw the conclusion of this paper through theoretical analysis and research of current data on the market of Z company as a case study, sampling, confirming, and weighting the above hypothesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:The value of human resources, Salary, The stable type software engineer, The wave type software engineer
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