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On University Cuqiu Curriculum And Its Development Of Physical Education Course In Ningxia

Posted on:2011-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2197330332480325Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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With the pace of modern work and study hastening and the general standard of living improving, the public demand for easing mental stress and pursuiting of mental and physical fitness is becoming more and more urgent. Sports which can help people become mentally and physically fit by relaxing body and mind arise accordingly. As a new mass fitness project, Cuqiu is gradually recognized and accepted by people, The demand for professionals who major in Cuqiu is also constantly increasing. Therefore, Cuqiu should be put in the courses of the P.E major of Normal Universities in order to train professionals to meet the need of the society. In the competition of entertainment and fitness market, Cuqiu has broad prospects and strong trend of sustainability to promote the development P.E entertainment industry.In accordance of the current situation that there are no Cuqiu courses in the P.E majors of Normal Universities in Ningxia Province, this paper has carried out an investigation into the P.E majors of 2 universities and colleges, namely, Ningxia University, Ningxia Normal University, It is estimated that among the subjects who have been investigated,84.3%believe that it is necessary to establish Cuqiu course, 11.2%think it has no much significance whether it is established or not, only4.6%believe that it no need to set up this course. These numbers reflect the urgent demand for Cuqiu by P.E major of Normal Universities and even the whole society. Through the feasible study of establishing Cuqiu course in P.E major of Normal Universities, the paper aims at cultivating P.E teachers who major in Cuqiu, pursuit for harmonious rhythmic realm and who will teach students how to love people and society so as to make a positive contribution to building a harmonious society and improving the quality of the whole people. Key words:Cuqiu course, the P.E major of normal universities, Curricular setting...
Keywords/Search Tags:Cuqiu course, the P.E major of normal universities, Curricular setting
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