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A Study Of The Curriculum Setting Problems And Optimizing Measures Of The A Higher Normal University’s Preschool Education Major

Posted on:2017-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330542450491Subject:Higher Education
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With the development of the times and the society,many people have changed the traditional thought that teachers are the “teaching technician”,and regarded them as the “reflectional practitioner”.The educational concept of reflectional practice has been gradually become the guiding and advanced concept in the worldwide teacher education.At the present time,the preschool education major of the higher normal universities takes on the main task of cultivating preschool teachers for our countries.However,the curriculum concept of this major still gives priority to the traditional technique rational approach,and presents the trend of academic drift,and the person they have trained is difficult to adapt the demand of the society and the employer in a short period.Therefore,on the basis of practical investigation and the guiding thought of reflectional practice education concept and the practice-oriented curriculum theory,the thesis thoroughly studies the current courses’ problems and its reasons of preschool education major in the A Higher Normal University from the aspects of curriculum setting and curriculum structure.And based on the social demand investigation and the related policy of preschool education major’s curriculum setting of China,the thesis puts forward some specific and operational solutions to the optimum curriculum setting of the A Higher Normal University’s preschool education major.Taking the preschool education major of A Higher Normal University of Jiangxi Provience as the individual cases and adopting the methods of literature research,questionnaire and interviewing,the thesis thoroughly studies and analyses the specialized courses of the university’s preschool education major.According to the study purpose,the author made some questionnaires and interviewing syllabus by herself,and conducted a related investigation to the last-year students of preschool education major,the graduates,preschool teachers,specialized course teachers and the principals of kindergarten.From the obtained data,the author found some shortcomings of the curriculum setting of the A Higher Normal University’s preschool education major.The shortcomings are as follows,the curriculum’s macrostructure is unreasonable,and it’s bad for cultivating students’ reflectional and education practical ability;the curriculum’s microstructure is unreasonable,and it’s bad for comprehensively cultivating students’ professional skills and abilities;the curriculumsthat related to the practical kindergarten course reform are lacking;the curriculums that cultivating students’ social service ability and educational research skills are lacking;the proportion of optional courses and compulsory courses is unreasonable,and the courses that cultivating students’ humanistic quality and scientific literacy are lacking;different kinds of curriculums exists similar contents;the practical curriculum is lack of scientific management and strong guidance.And the main reasons are as follows,the ideology of teacher education is hysteretic;the curriculum setting and training objective are not complete matching;as one of the developers of specialized courses,the kindergarten lost its main position;the curriculum setting concept isn’t consistent with the preschool education major’s cultivating reality;the single subject curriculum form causes a series of questions that about students’ training.Focusing on the above-mentioned problems and reasons,the study comes up with a series of optimizing measures: take the reflectional practice education concept and practice-oriented curriculum theory to guide the preschool education major’s curriculum setting;optimize the macrostructure of specialized courses,use the constructive model to replace application model,enrich the type of professional practice courses,strengthen the guidance and management of educational practical activities;improve the microstructure of specialized courses,the courses of teaching methodology needs to enrich the education practice of “Five Domains in Preschool Education” and the contents of education drill,the professional skill course needs to enrich the contents that direct related with the job of child care;add the frontier courses that reflect the latest trends of preschool education major;the higher normal university forms practice community with the employer and to realize the optimization of talent training;enrich the kinds of general education and optional courses;transform the single subject curriculum form and add diversified short-period courses.
Keywords/Search Tags:reflectional practice, the higher normal university, preschool education major, specialized course, curriculum setting
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