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Case Analysis On Sino-foreign Cooperation In Running Schools At Sino-british College, Usst

Posted on:2011-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2197330332967622Subject:Public Management
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Over the past few decades, China's education especially higher education is devoted to continuously carrying on its sustainable development and steady advancement of educational quality while actively introducing international higher education resources for the purpose of integration and improvement. It aims to confront comprehensive education diversity at all levels under economic globalization with fierce competition and innovation. As the booming development and expansion of Chinese-Foreign joint education projects in running schools, enormous domestic higher education institutions launch bilateral programs cooperated with world-leading and prestigious education provider abroad. This collaboration makes more Chinese students enjoy mutually educational resources of high quality and enrich deep insight and teaching content as well as improving productive effect of teaching. Meanwhile, it requires substantial cooperation between China and international societies to cultivate real talents who well understand multi-culture and have innovative expertise under rapid development and stable progress around global economy.The author is to analyze provider delivery of Sino-foreign joint program offered by The Sino-British College, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, which is established by 9 world leading UK universities such as The University of Sheffield, Manchester Metropolitan University as well as University of Shanghai for Science and Technology on the basis of comprehensive interrelation and integration in running local school in Shanghai in order to specifically illustrate and elucidate its unique and innovative features and bilateral outstanding advantages with its detailed models at different aspects in Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, systematic quality control stream, excellent curriculum and teaching management, diversified student career service development and so on. Meanwhile, it reveals existent shortcomings and problems such as scarcity of professional development and further training for teachers, inadaptation of overseas courses introduction, inefficiency of overseas student service and others in the college of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools by specifying and summarizing these problems. The author is also to disclose true reasons beyond problems and provide personal advices at current stage. At last, the author puts forward to some sparkling ideas and key solutions in order to solve the upcoming problems and clarify the concerns. The author put learned knowledge under the angle of educational administration and management into analysis of college operation of the actual situation. Based on actual situation of the college, we will develop this integrative and innovative strategy to our routine teaching and management in near future to optimize our Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. To further improve teaching quality and diverse development levels in running schools, we need to booth progressive revolution of teaching by summarization and consolidation we have found through problems in confrontation with us to ensure Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools are going healthy and sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, Quality Control System, Curriculum and Teaching Management
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