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The Research On Chinese-foreign Cooperation In Running Schools In Zhongchuang Era In Shunde District In Guangdong Province

Posted on:2017-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330488978316Subject:Tourism Management
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With the development of the world economy and the progress of the society,science and technology, "Zhongchuang Era" is coming now to promote innovation and create value. To meet the needs of economic reforms Chinese education system is deepening reform, promoting the development of education. With the development of Chinese economy, the demand for talents has new requirements. To meet the talent needs of economic development, Chinese vocational education is facing difficulties and challenges. Delivering skilled personnel for economic development is the task of vocational education. To change the weaknesses of the current education system,accelerate the pace of the reform of the education system, many vocational schools selected international cooperation in running schools, on the one hand,introducing high-quality educational resources, advanced teaching system, advanced teaching methods and training equipment into chinese vocational schools, on the other hand,building a platform for international learning and enhancing education to cultivate innovative talents. Shunde secondary vocational education is making a wave of education reform and innovation, and also exploring the reform of vocational education development. How to blaze new trails, pave the road of Shunde vocational education development to meet the economic development is needed to solve urgently.If we can not further improve and optimize the existing system of vocational education, vocational education would be a stumbling block to the economic development of Shunde. Currently, under the traditional system of vocational education, there are a lot of drawbacks in the teaching system, the system can not meet the current economic development of Shunde. With the continued economic development of Shunde, “Shunde Manufacturing” is gradually internationalized, the demand for talents is rising. Shunde economy needs more international awareness of international talents.After studying the experiences of international cooperation in running schools in domestic and foreign universities and vocational schools, the secondary vocational schools in Shunde District conducted international cooperation in running schools inTourism and Hotel Management Department, to introduce the excellent international education resources. The introduction of advanced teaching system and teaching methods breaks the traditional vocational teaching system, it will diversify the management of schools, and promote the development of local vocational education system. It will be a new step forward for the reform of vocational education system to resolve curriculum, teacher settings, language learning, academic issue and other issues through international cooperation in running schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhongchuang Era, Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, Innovation entrepreneurship education, Tourism and Hotel Management
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