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A Study On The Quality Management Of Chinese - Foreign Cooperative Education

Posted on:2016-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330479491645Subject:Education Management
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With the development of the reform and opening-up policy and the expanding of the international education cooperation and exchanges, it has made great progress in the Sino-foreign cooperation in Running School and it is obvious to all the positive results it has made. However, these should be on the basis of high-quality school-running level. In fact, the quality issue has become the important problem for restricting the development in the process of running schools. The traditional management which guarantees the school-running quality only by relying on the government inspection appeals for the new direction for studying quality management. This thesis tries to solve the following problems through survey and studies:(1)The Sino-foreign school-running program is the specific example of the cross-border education and transnational education in China, which is with specific context. The thesis first conducts systematic analysis of the concept of,Sino-foreign school-running program, to make correct understanding of Sino-foreign school-running program and get to know the connotation of Sino-foreign school-running program and the relations with other relative concepts.(2)to interpret the quality management of Sino-foreign school-running program and make systematic analysis for the current quality problems of Sino-foreign school-running program.(3)to put forward the main countermeasures of implementing quality management of the Sino-foreign school-running program on the basis of making systematic analysis of current problems of Sino-foreign school-running program, which is the aim of the thesis.There are five sections in three parts in the thesis. The first partincludes section one and section two. This part mainly analyses the theoretical basis of Sino-foreign school-running program including relative concepts, school-running model, development history and existing problems; Part Two takes Sino-Australian tourism management major of international academy of Qingdao University as an example to make analysis of the advantages and existing problems of the example through studying.; Part Three is to put forward the direction. Part three includes Section four and Section five, this part mainly provides reference to the upgrade and development of the quality management of Sino-foreign school-running program including putting forward the specific suggestions for how to establish evaluation system and corresponding countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sino-foreign cooperation in Running School, quality management, Sino-Australian tourism management, evaluation system
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