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The Principal Leaders Of The Township Cadre Performance Appraisal Index System Of The Existing Problems

Posted on:2012-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F X ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330338992727Subject:Political Theory
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As a key of building the contingent of cadres, political achievement evaluation determines the quality of it directly. How to build a scientific, rational and effective evaluation index system has been a focal point of primary party committees, governments, and cadres themselves considered. In China, since of the imperfect cadre personnel system, late start of performance evaluation and other basic theories, plus the impact of traditional values and political environment, there are series of problems still exist with the index system of town major leading cadres. Therefore, enhancing the research in this area is of great theoretical and practical significance to improve the political achievement evaluation system, stimulate working initiative of the leading cadres and ensure public service quality.This article has given an overview of the relevant research and has defined the relevant concepts. After learning the theories and practice experience for the political achievement evaluation of cadres at home and broad, the article has introduced the survey in Shanghai and has given some deeply analyses to the current situation of the index system of town major leading cadres. Based on the survey, the article has departed the existing problems of performance appraisal and democratic appraisal. After that, it explores the basic causes behind the problem from the index system itself (internal factors) and the institutional environment (external factors) aspects. Finally, the article has given the strategies to solve the problems in three stages of macro, meso and micro levels, especially the three sections which "basic indices", "different indices" and "mass indices" of evaluation index system at the micro level.The innovation of this article is that with the help of performance evaluation and personnel administration theories, and the firsthand data in the field research, it has relatively given a comprehensive and quantitative research, and then it has brought up some strategies to improve the evaluation index system in our country as well. To mining the deep-seated causes of problems in the index system, it not only used classical survey method to collect research data needed, but also carried out depth interviews with different types of research objects. And then provide the convincing basis to improving the evaluation index system of town major leading cadres.
Keywords/Search Tags:town major leading cadres, political achievement evaluation index system, existing problems, strategy research
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