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In The Current Our Local Party And Government Leading Cadres Problem In Evaluation Mechanism And Countermcasurcs Innovative Research

Posted on:2013-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425480351Subject:Political Theory
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Set up to promote the scientific development of the cadre assessment mechanism is toimplement the spirit of the17th Party Congress, deepen reform of the cadre and personnelsystem ’s reality needs, is to strengthen the cadre supervision and restraint, strengthen team ofleaders of all levels and the important step that cadre team builds, it is to implement thecourse policy policy of the party, promote the scientific development of the importantguarantee.Leading organs and leading cadres at all levels of the basic functions, is to be goodat the course policy policy of the party with the area, combining the actual situation of theDepartment, creativity ground begins the work, promote the development of science.In thisprocess, not only rely on broad cadre party spirit consciousness and in the spirit of hard work,and must rely on the system to guarantee the necessary.Local leading cadres huge quantityand in reform, development and stability of the first-line, its training and improve the qualityof the cadres health development and the success of the party cause critical study of sound,thus to promote the scientific development of the local leading cadres evaluation system is ofgreat significance.This paper takes Hebei province leader of local party card cadre assessment practice forexample, aimed at the problem of existence, put forward to perfect leads a cadre to assess themechanism innovation measures.This paper combines the theory with practice researchmethods, analysis and synthesis of combining research methods, survey and empiricalanalysis of a combination of research methods.First, this article on China’s leading cadre assessment mechanism theory made acomparative analysis of the system, first elaborated the Chinese Communist Party in thelong-term revolution and construction period leading cadre’s management experience andtheory, and then to the modern management theory system theory, motivation theory andbehavior theory on cadre assessment mechanism this paper explained.Second, since the reform and opening up, party leader the cadre assessment mechanismof the evolution of history, from the time describes the party leader the cadre assessmentmechanism characteristics and developing stages of enlightenment, in order to facilitate the study of history in pursuit, in the development in the succession, to avoid short raise grows.Third, taking Hebei Province as an example, the leader of local party card cadreexamination and analysis of the current situation, find out problems, and the existingproblems cause and effect undertook rational analysis.Finally, in order to establish scientific outlook on development requirements of the localleading cadres evaluation mechanism for the purpose of, put forward a series of reasonablesetting, from assessment index optimization methods to evaluate, rigid application of theappraisal results of innovative measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local Leading Cadres, Evaluation Mechanism, Strategy innovation
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