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Research On The Construction Of E - Government From The Perspective Of Service - Oriented Government

Posted on:2017-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330485967691Subject:Public management
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The transformation of government functions, improve government efficiency, the traditional control oriented government to a service-oriented government, is the direction of our government at all levels, but also the historical trend of the develo-pment of the world. Building a service-oriented government is the direction of the transformation of government functions and building service-oriented govement must rely on the construction of e-government platform, electronic the construction of the platform and the service government is to complement each other, work toge-ther to improve the administrative efficiency, the transformation of government administrative functions, promote government transparency, serve the people whole heartedly. In today’s electronic information technology in the development of the s-ituation, how to make use of favorable conditions for formation of e-government to promote the construction of service-oriented government it will be an important to-pic. In recent years Ningxia Party committee and government attach great importa nce to the development of e-government, to build a unified E-government cloud pi atform as an opportunity for the development of E-government of Ningxia civil affa irs system, starting from the construction of service-oriented government perspectiv e, analyses the development strategy, summed up the development of E-governme nt affairs predicament. The first chapter mainly introduced the research background and significance, the domestic and foreign scholars for the e-government and servi ce-oriented government research status; the second chapter of the e-government an d service-oriented government theory are summarized and analyzed, mainly includi ng the connotation and development trend of e-government, the connotation of the service-oriented government, and the positive effect on the construction of civil ad ministration of E-government on the construction of service-oriented government is studied; the third chapter analyzes the progress of Ningxia civil affairs system the c onstruction of e-government planning and construction; the fourth chapter summari zes the deficiencies, Ningxia District e-government development dilemma exists. In the fifth chapter, according to the research above, Put forward the development str ategies of Ningxia District e-government, the author thinks that Ningxia District e-g overnment system construction should be the first par values with the service-orient ed government, the planning and construction of e-government should be around to do the basic purpose of the public service, innovation management, change the trad itional business process. From the development trend of E-government, the whole p rocess of cross department of the government cloud platform will become the main developing direction in the coming period, Ningxia e-government to grasp the deve lopment trend, focus on the existing departments decentralized construction of e-go vernment application system into the Ningxia public e-government cloud platform, basically Ningxia e-government construction in information technology selection th ere is no problem, only need to pay attention to the use of e-government constructio n is not carried out around the concept of building a service-oriented government, is Not with the construction of the service type government. This is the task to adapt t he proposed development strategy of Ningxia civil affairs system perspective, hope the proposed strategy can have certain reference significance to the construction of the construction of service government and e-government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, E-government, NingXia, ministry of civil affairs
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