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The Democracy Output Of The United States In The Commonwealth Of Independent States After The Cold War

Posted on:2017-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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America is the first capitalist nation to put republicanism into practice in the world. After a long time development the political system of America is unique, it is called American Democracy by the world people. America sent their democracy concept and political system to other nations and asked them to transfer their regime type into American Democracy. The purpose of democracy export of America is to establish and strengthen the leader status and to maintain the stateside benefit. The democracy export helped America won the Cold War. So after the Cold War, America continued to do the democracy export in the Commonwealth of the Independent States in order to suppress the rise of Russia. America made the Color Revolution in the CIS. Color Revolution is a kind of nonviolence movement happended in the CIS at the beginning of 21st century. The participants of it are the opposition in the CIS countries supported by the western countries. In the presidential or parliamentary election period, the opposition of the countries made clearly political request like democracy and liberty and use street politics to made the situation messed. The movement will leave the government under great pressure. If the Color Revolution succeed, the original regime will be overturned and the opposition supported by the western country will charge the power of the country.Color Revolution is not a democratic movement, it is just a tool of America to protect the supremacy. Countries which have Color Revolution did not become democratic and Prosperous, they became poorer and more stable. Developing countries are the main purpose that America wants to do the democracy export. So the study of American democracy export is helpful for developing countries to defend the cultural infiltration of America.
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