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On The Development And Application Of Preventive Diplomacy In The Asia - Pacific Region

Posted on:2017-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330503476191Subject:International politics
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Since it came onto stage in the 1960 s, Preventive Diplomacy continue to expand its meaning. In practice, Preventive Diplomacy played quite an important role, and it also was valued and studied by different countries and international organizations. Asia-Pacific countries and regional organizations hold different opinions on the subjects, objects and tools of Preventive Diplomacy. These different views profoundly affected States in dealing with the territorial issues.After the Cold War, territorial conflict is becoming the major problem in Asia-Pacific region. Many methods were tried in order to solve regional territorial issues, within which regional international organizations played a positive role in building a platform for multilateral diplomacy and the promotion of preventive diplomacy. But it also has its own inherent flaws.The most prominent territory disputes within present Asia-Pacific region is South China Sea, where crisis happened a lot. It is quite urgent to every neighboring country in this area to resolve the territorial disputes. For this purpose, countries made a lot of efforts to promote exchanges, strengthen cooperation in security and seek to establish systematic mechanisms. Now these efforts has made some progress, but when compares with the present situation,it is still in stagnation.While countries and international organizations in this region hold different positions on Preventive Diplomacy and territorial issues, it is their mutual hope to maintain a secure and stable environment. The existing regional security mechanisms can not effectively resolve the territorial sovereignty disputes. Preventive Diplomacy is not only able to build a communication platform for the conflict parties, but also can provide mediation through a neutral third party avoiding competition between face-to-face parties. In this way, it can solve problems in a more effective way. If Preventive Diplomacy is positively used in solving Asia-Pacific regional disputes, the territorial issues will obtain a final solution on the basis of peace and stability.
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