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The Research Of The Transformation Of Asia Pacific Region International Order From The Perspective Of China's Harmonious Diplomacy Idea

Posted on:2008-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215980015Subject:Political Theory
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After the Cold War, the global order changes rapidly, the Asia Pacific International Order also has change-over. With the rapid growth of economy, the People's Republic of China plays an important role in the global community since the reform and opening up in 1978.With the rising of China, China changes its views of the world. Under the concept of Five Principles, China changes its policy from low-pitched strategy to peaceful rise and the Harmonious Diplomacy.The paper uses The Level-of-Analysis method to discuss the relationship between the Asia-Pacific International Order and the Idea of Harmonious Diplomacy of China. The paper uses the concept of the Idea of Harmonious Diplomacy of China to discuss the influences to other nations in Asia Pacific Region including South and North Korea, Russia, Japan, the American and so on. By the way, after 9·11 Terrorist Attack, American changes its China policy and cooperates with China. China also improves relationship with American at the same time. China's peaceful rising no doubt would influence the interests of American in Asia Pacific Region; therefore, the paper focuses on how would China face the situation of hostility from the American and other countries.Based on the interaction between economic, security and the Asia Pacific International Order, the paper explains how dominant factor influences the International Order. At the same time, the paper predicts the approach of China to rise peacefully under the Harmonious Diplomacy. Due to the important of population quality, the economic growth, the stability of political reforms, the harmonious reconciliation of society and the elevation of international influence, China increase its power growth in recent years. In order to avoid the conflicts with the other countries, China should continue to devote itself to the economic development and the growth of national power under the Harmonious Diplomacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asia Pacific Region, International World Order, The Idea of Harmonious Diplomacy, Multilateral Diplomacy
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