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Sichuan Changhong Information Construction

Posted on:2004-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122461485Subject:Business Administration
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We are now in a great new era of information. Everything is changing at unprecedented speed; the updated information technology is the prerequisite to sustain the business of enterprise. Information technology has exceeded the range of enterprise interior area and region limit,and made the world network connected and globalized. The information economy sustained by information highway and enterprise local area network is the only way to survive and develop for the enterprises in 21st century. World economy is accelerating to transform the industry society to information society. The information technique comes to be the decisive factor that pushes the productivity progress. China has made long term development planning of information construction, which needs our economic and social information to get a great development and shorten the gap between our country and the developed countries. The business enterprise is a basic unit in the economic society. Management information system of enterprise is the important part of social information. Information age, which is characterized by network technique, knowledge economy and electronic commerce (EC) revolution, has developed fiercely. New economy not only changes social production, trade, life and study, but also urges business enterprises to have enormous transformation, make boundless expansion, and operate in world. The Sichuan Changhong electronics group corporation (for short Changhong) has achieved glorious success and development during in the past years. At the current time, under thecircumstances of fierce and ruthless market competition, the profit of house consumption industry has dropped sharply, the power of profit earning also fallen. However, Changhong is advancing steadily. Because Changhong is upgrading its management, expanding profit area and retrenching expenses with information technology. Changhong faces the new economy challenge, commences to lead into the advanced management information system(MIS). Sichuan Changhong has gone through three crucial stages of MIS: setting up foundation, growing up the maturity and integrating. Through MIS Changhong has attained the business reorganization, entered exaltation business decision, caught opportunity of developing and evaded the market risk. Through the research of characteristic MIS of Changhong, we hope that more domestic enterprises reach the agreement: MIS is important part of the enterprise management. MIS is a process of continual exploration and reorganization with great efforts. It is the most practical complying with the development of enterprises that fully utilize characteristic of MIS to enhance the operation efficiency and continually strengthen the power of core competition .
Keywords/Search Tags:Management information system(MIS), Enterprise resource planning(ERP), Supply chain management(SCM), Customer relationship management(CRM), Office automation(OA)
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