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The Design Of A Corporation's Logistics Pattern

Posted on:2004-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092481041Subject:Business management
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Chinese economist Wei Jie considers that the logistics industry is the artery and the basic industry of the national economic development in the world. Its development level is one of the important marks to evaluate the level of state modernization and comprehensive national strength. Logistics is the accelerator of the economic development.The study on the logistics in the domestic research field is about the analysis of the functions of logistics, the development of the third-part logistics, the supply chain management, the disposal of integrative logistics information. Their purpose is to improve the development of the third-part logistics. But we know that in our country , for the influence of the planned economic management system, the management idea in the corporation, the interior management system of the corporation, the interior resources of the corporation are all needed to be innovated. The pattern used in the overseas corporation is not adapt to the corporation in our country. In this article, we'll take the exterior conditions and the interior conditions together to analyze theadvantages and abuses between the different logistics pattern--self-employed logistics and thethird-part logistics, and study which factors we should think about when we make the choice in order to give out the basis for the decision-making. Then we'll design the innovation in the corporation after the decision-making. Today the logistics resources distribution in our country demands for the integrative logistics so we'll give the way of the maneuverability of the integrative pattern. In order to get over the fetters of the old economic system and the legal system, we'll analyze the ways to perfect the logistics policy and the logistics laws. With the try of the government and the corporation, we can build the good environment for the corporation's logistics development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics, Third-part logistics, Management system, Supply chain management, Logistics law
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