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Analysis And Countermeasures In The Development Of The Military And Logistics Integration

Posted on:2009-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360272478803Subject:Public Management
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Military logistics and integration along with the military logistics community of practice, especially since the 1990s of local wars and fighting style characterized by the changes in the new military theory. Army logistics to the integration of a major role in the following areas: logistics is conducive to enhancing the protection of military forces, will help improve the economic and social benefits, and promoting the development of military logistics technology and innovation, logistics and military integration Logistics is also important to realize emergency mode. Therefore, the army logistics integration in the development of the existing problems as well as issues related to the corresponding countermeasures have important theoretical and practical value of the value of China's military logistics to the development of fast and good is a certain guide.In this paper Reviewing China military supply chain development of China military logistics system, as well as the development of military logistics to the development of the integration process, and to study the logistics of the army and local integration under the emergency status of logistics management, and integration of China military logistics development In the process of problem analysis, as well as for our military and civilian logistics in the process of integration problems in the corresponding countermeasures.This paper studies China military logistics system in the development of the main problems are: inadequate management, inadequate planning as a whole, to enhance the quality of human resources, coordination mechanisms, information technology and logistics development in non-response, risk management mechanism is not in place. This paper studies the military and logistics integration in the development of the main issues of joint military-civilian understanding of modern logistics in place, logistics and marketing elements of the incomplete elements of the military logistics to the joint development of the market imperfections, the military and civilian personnel of the General Logistics A shortage of military material storage and transportation business processes unreasonable.In response to these issues relative measures, countermeasures can be broadly divided into macro-level, middle level and the micro-level, and other aspects of the three. Macro-level measures are as follows: military and civilian logistics integration theory, military logistics to the development of policies and regulations enacted to military logistics management system integration, logistics and technical standards for the military integration of military and civilian logistics information network integration, and the military Integrated logistics personnel training, in view of the level of response: the military to speed up the logistics infrastructure and support facilities, military logistics resources to speed up the building of information networks and improve management of military supplies chips for the system. Micro-level response is: the military logistics supply chain integration of the building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Military and Civilian Logistics Integration, Emergency Logistics, Supply Chain, Risk Management
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