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Regional Land Use Change And Driving Forces

Posted on:2006-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152994910Subject:Plant Nutrition
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The researches on land use and driving forces is the frontier of geo-science, and it mainly studies the effect and action of natural driving forces and human driving forces on the change of earth system, and it is important content of the research area of contemporary international earth science and earth surface system. It has important function on guaranteeing sustainable development of regional economy and on protecting safety of human living environment to reinforce change researches of quantity and quality of land resources.This paper makes Beibei District as research area. Under the technique of geographic information system, this paper adopts the combining method of routine and spatial analysis, and makes villages and towns unit as statistical unit, and through studying the space-time and dynamic change of land use, studies driving forces of land use by mathematical statistical method, and put forward countermeasures of sustainable land use, in order to provide abundant and valuable and regional information to the comprehensive and dynamic research of land use, to planning and adjusting land use structure, meanwhile, it is fundamental requirement to promote the construction of ecological environment and to realize regional sustainable land use.In this paper, the author firstly expounds the research background, significance, content, advance means and the home and abroad developmental trend, secondly briefly introduces correlative regional natural and social features, and land use history of Beibei District, thirdly basing on land statistical data( 1990-2003), analyzes structure and features of land use in Beibei District, and reveals distributive properties and the transformation law of quantity and quality of land resources on time and space. The author analyzes it that the change of land use not only is restricted by nature factors, but also is affect by social and economic factors such as population changing, economy developing, urbanization, policy and technique development, then synthetically and quantitatively analyzes driving factors, that is to say that establishing driving forces equation of various years after principal component analysis and regression analysis. Lastly, after analyzing land use and driving forces in Beibei District, the author points out the problems on land use, and concrete countermeasures to realize sustainable development of land use, guiding by the theory of sustainable land use. The research results indicate:(1) The general change trend of Beibei District is that the area of cropland and unused land decrease unceasingly, meanwhile the area of housing estate, factory land, garden land, forest land and communication land have the trend of increasing unceasingly, and the land use structure approach rationalization little by little.
Keywords/Search Tags:The change of land use, Driving forces, Model analysis
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