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Tianjin Land Use Spatial Differentiation Research

Posted on:2006-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360155960041Subject:Environmental Science
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Land resource is an essential basis for human beings' living and development. With increasing of global population, the short land resource and unreasonable land utilization seriously constrain development of social economy and productivity. Rational distribution and sustainable utilization of limited land resource are becoming an attracting problem for international society and population and a research issue for scientific field. Although the research in national and regional land-use was comparatively concentrated, the short urban land resource with large values makes it an urgent requirement at present for utilization researches.Tianjin is a modern port city and also economic center of North China, of which the area is only 11,900km2 and land-use much too scattered as well as shortage and waste of land resource simultaneously exist. We have to define functional subregions of land-use and coordinate the relationship of various structure of land-use based on adjustment to natural law according to economic and social development in order to achieve harmonious development of nature, economy and society.With an attempt to study spacial difference as well as realize functional division of land-use in Tianjin, the present study involved following items:The ration of first industry was small in Tianjin, while that of secondary and tertiary industry was increasing annually. An overall analysis aimed at natural, social and economic factors that affect land-use spacial difference in Tianjin was performed. And statistical trend prediction and Gray prediction were applied to predict the development trend and scale of constructive and agricultural land within scheme period. Gray prediction method was used because of few requirement for data and ideal test efficacy for model. It was predicted that land area for construction would be extended to 2847.48km2, while that for agriculture decreased to 5422.34km2.The present study broke through conventional evaluating system for land to establish for the first time a new system for economic evaluation of land resource on the basis of comprehensive analysis principle, primary factor, regional difference, "efficiency superior also considerate environment" principle and with reference of National Standard Regulations for Graduation on Urban Land. Multiple variables including nature, regional location, gathering, fundamental facility, the ration of cost and output on land, the economic level, comprehensive...
Keywords/Search Tags:Tianjin, land utilization, spacial difference, functional division
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