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Japan 's Role In US Asia - Pacific Re - Balance Strategy

Posted on:2016-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330452468635Subject:International relations
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Since the day that Japan and US signed the Japan-US security treaty in1951,The Japan-US alliance relationship has become one of the most significant bilateralties in the world. Up to now,the Japan-US alliance between the two countries hasbeen changed several times,according to the international situation and their owneconomic, political, diplomatic and other situations.Since the Asia-Pacificrebalancing strategy was proposed, US became to intervene the political, economic,diplomatic affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. As the foundation of AmericanAsia-Pacific policy, Japan plays an irreplaceable role in the strategy, and its behaviorfurther strengthen the alliance between the two countries. At the same time, theJapan-American alliance had become the major components of today’s internationalrelations of Asia-Pacific region, and also has a great influence on the overall situationof Asia-Pacific region.This paper analysis the several key adjustment in the history of the alliance’s, andalso the reasons from the aspects of politics, economy, military, and other situations.Make a comprehensive analysis of the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy in whichJapan plays an irreplaceable role after United States changed its pivot to Asia, and thelimitation factors in the alliance. This paper argues that the policy judgments is madeout of consideration that the factors US faces. For Japan, in order to achieve the goalof becoming a political power, and achieve the purpose of encircling China, Japanactively cooperate with the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy, hoping to take thisopportunity to maximize the implementation of the national interest. However, thiskind of behavior causing damage to relations between China and Japan, leading theDiaoyu islands issuses becomes more complicated to solve, at the same time, thebehavior of the Japanese arms expansion not conducive to the security situation ofAsia-Pacific region, will give rise to the hotspots of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asiamore hard to solve.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy, the Japan-US alliance, China-Japanrelations, Northeast Asia
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