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The Research On The Construction Of Government Image For Public Crisis Management

Posted on:2013-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330392465431Subject:Administrative Management
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With the commencement of China’s12th Five-Year Plan, China’s domestic andinternational political, economic, social and cultural achieved impressive results, butin all aspects of rapid growth has also brought the increasingly sharp contradictionbetween man and nature, which makes the public crisis of occurrence in the frequentoccurrence of a serious impact on the normal work of the government. Timelyresponse to this situation the government to build a harmonious socialist society, line,square, and policy adjustments are made according to the actual situation. In2011,China has experienced the earthquake in Japan caused by the threat of nuclearcontamination, Wenzhou,"723" Yong isotherm particularly serious railway accidents,the Shuanghui clenbuterol event and grab salt storm "public crises in these events ingovernment by launching a public crisis management system, timely and properlydeal with public crises to save life and property losses, but also to establish anddeepen the government’s image in the eyes of the people, are more conducive to theorganization and coordination of management.At present, China’s public crisis management system has some shortcomings:contact, such as intelligence departments at all levels in the management system isnot tight enough, the division of labor process repeat powers, accountability is notclear, some of the staff to pay sufficient attention to the image of the governmentbuilding.legislation is not enough of the public crisis management system to improvethe psychological comfort of aid workers, a big gap between the demand for dailysupplies of reserves and public crisis, e-government and information disseminationmechanism is imperfect, disorganized media, and non-governmentallack of unifiedmanagement organizations in the public crisis. These are the actual existence of apublic crisis management process to solve these problems need to fully understandthe basis of China’s national conditions, combined with public crises at home andabroad, from speech summed up the experiences and lessons learned, combined with our image of the government building theory, the overall situation and the extensionof government leadership, organizational strength, command of force, centripetalforce and cohesion, and to explore a way to solve the shortcomings of our existingpublic crisis management system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Crisis Management, The Construction of Government Image, Public crisis law, Wenzhou Railway Accident
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