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Service-oriented Government To Build The Context Of China's Civil Service System

Posted on:2011-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360302993502Subject:Administrative Management
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The promulgated of the "Civil Service Law", means the Chinese civil service system upgraded to a new level in the standardization and systematization, and also means that China's civil service system running into the perfect stage of development. The party and government's principles and policies is an important basis for the study of improving the civil service system. According to the formulation official documents from party and government, for a long period of time, from the current to the future, building service-oriented government will be China's administrative reform targets. The goal of the civil service system put forward higher requirements, the main efforts undertaken in this paper lies in the ideological construction of the service-oriented government to introduce comprehensive study of the civil service system to make up for past research in the contemporary lack of defects, in order to improve the civil service system to provide more and abreast of the times into the theoretical support. At the same time, based the thought of this theory, analysis of the status of the civil service system, to define a series of restrictive conditions in service-oriented government building, and to solve the direction of a sound civil service system, path, pattern and strategy choice on this basis.The article includes five parts. The first part is the introduction of the main thesis describes the theoretical and practical significance, research review, research ideas, methods, and innovation points. The second part describes the development of China's civil service system, introduces the process of the service-oriented government and the inherent requirements, and the building results of service-oriented government exploration in our country. The third part through the exposed weaknesses and inadequacies from China's civil service system in service-oriented government building, from the limited government, rule of law government, responsible government, transparent government point, analyzed the requirements. For the problems identified in the third part, the fourth part gives the specific measures from the angle of service-concept, improving the legal system, strengthen the position management, and building a competitive mechanism. The fifth part is conclusions.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil service system, Services-oriented government, Service concept, Job Management
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