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Research On Civil Servant’s Quality Development Of Constructing The Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2016-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479477852Subject:Administrative Management
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Service-oriented government is a new model of contemporary governmental development. Service-oriented government adheres to the belief of people-centering, which is focus on the pursuit of the government administrative transparency, participation, limited liability, responsibility, high-performance, the rule of law and recognized by countries all over the world. In the process of our country service-oriented government building, the exercise of executive power is accomplished through the implementation of government. But in the end, the implementation of the main body is the civil servant. Therefore, the ideological and moral concepts, the background of knowledge structure and the quality of comprehensive ability will be the implementation of national administrative power, which will influence the government administrative efficiency directly. The article proposed some effective measures about the civil servants’ quality development of the constructing of the service-oriented government with the government reengineering theory, and the new public management theory and the expectancy theory as the theoretical support, such as improving the political quality, legal quality, professional quality, knowledgequality, and improving the mechanism of civil service examination and the education and training system, optimizing the allocation of human resources,and regularing the legal regulation of civil servants, in order to build learning, effective and non-corrupt resultant force, providing theoretical guidance tor the healthy and stable development of the economic society.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented, government, the, quality, of, civil, servants, reengineering, theory, management, system, reform
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