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Based On Service-Oriented Government Under The Concept Of The Marine Management

Posted on:2012-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C F ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330371951218Subject:Public Management
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The paper, firstly, makes out that constructing a service-oriented government is the fundamental aim of the governments'development through the analyses of the history of the government reform of the western developed countries and the process of the Chinese administration system restructuring. It is concluded that a service-oriented government should embody the concepts and characters including human-based concern, limited liability, promoting development, administrating according to law, fairness and justice by analyzing the evolution of the concept of government and the Chinese and foreign research results on the new public administration theory and service-oriented government construction. Secondly, it is regarded that constructing service-oriented China Maritime Safety Administration(MSA) which satisfies the essential requirements is the need of its own development by analyzing the necessity and the feasibility of the introduction of service-oriented government into China MSA. Hereafter, the aim of China MSA construction is to promote its service capability and keeping abreast of the developed countries and regions on the maritime supervision ability. Finally, the paper finds some aspects of China MSA that doesn't meet the concept and the characters of a service-oriented government and analyzes the cause. Drawing on the experience of the adminstrative models of developed countries and regions'maritime authorities, such as US Coast Guard, Hong Kong Marine Department, exploring the China MSA construction based on the concept of constructing a service-oriented government, the paper concludes that China MSA should make further efforts to change the practice style, to broarden the service clients, transform administration and service concepts in order to meet the need of the concerned industries; should make further efforts to explicit the administration functions to fulfill its duty properly and legally, to respond to the demands of the concerned industries positively and rapidly, to stimulate and support the function of the shipping associations, to construct regional cooperative mechanism, to construct regional administration based on our national conditions, to adjust the requirements of seafarers competence to serve the SANNONG, to participate the regional economic and social development initiatively, to improve the supervision ability and capacity, and to facilitate the development of shipping economy; should make further efforts to strengthen MSA cardres building to improve the calibre of cardres, by planning the development of the human resourcesb properly, strengthening personnel training, broadening recruit channels, strengthening culture building and strengthening the service awareness, to meet the need of constructing a service-oriented government, to provide the concerned industries with higher quality and more effective maritime services and more scientific and rational information of maritime system and maritime information, to build up the ability of China MSA to serve the economy and society and to promote the development of Chinese shipping market sound and rapidly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, China Maritime Administration, Countermeasures
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