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Land Resources Legal Protection

Posted on:2011-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360305479197Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Summary: Land resources are the existence and development of human society's material base. Cultivated resources are land resources,Cultivated resources have some agricultural value. Good arable land resources can ensure national food supply,maintain social stability, promote economic development, as well as to prevent the role of ecological deterioration. But the people for their own needs, in the process of development and utilization. Cultivated land resources is often only seen the economic value while ignoring the ecological value, ignoring the long-term interests and is only concerned about immediate benefit, causing destruction and waste of land resources. Our country with limited arable land resources have to feed its huge population, while the current arable land resources are increasingly facing the severe reduction of the situation, which directly affect people's livelihood sources and sustainable development of agriculture, the protection of land resources is of great significance.At present, China's ways of protecting cultivated land resources are diversity. The legal means to protect land resources is extremely practical in reality,you can also get good results. Therefore, we must use legal means, through implementation, implementation of land protection laws and regulations to ensure the rational utilization of land resources and protection of arable land in the rational use of resources. Legal protection of cultivated land resources not only in quantity but also in quality of cultivated land protection,including protection of cultivated land is taken to the regulation capacity, improvement and protection measures, and the occupation of cultivated land, abuse, desolation, destruction, pollution and other violations of the stop and sanctions. To use legal means to protect arable land is better than the use of administrative means, economic means and technological means to protect arable land, with specific authority, such as normative and mandatory features in the protection of land resources, legal means can not be replaced by other means. Basically,China's cultivated land resources and protection of the formation of the embryonic form of legal protection system and relevant rules and measures. But the problems are mainly lack of specific legislation; the absence of collective land ownership; legal system dispersion, protection problems; legal protection in a single way. The abroad legal protection of cultivated land resources are many successful experiences, such as clarity of property rights norms, the development of special rules and regulations for reference by China, the author believes that the protection of cultivated land could be developed single law or regulation, modify the protection of cultivated land laws, administrative rules and regulations so as to improve the existing system of legal protection of cultivated land resources. On the basis of perfect dynamic balance of the total arable land system, land property rights system and the circulation system of agricultural land , then construct a reasonable safeguard mechanism to protect limited arable resources.
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