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Subjective Evaluation Of The Graduate Physical Exercise Motive And Effect

Posted on:2011-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Postgraduate is subject to the highest level of education only to doctoral students in social groups, is the backbone talent of the socialist modernization construction int the new century, shouldering the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's important historical mission, their improving and comprehensiveness of the quality and health status, will directly affect whether China's strategic goal of socialist modernization can be achieved, is directly related to the future and destiny of nation-construction.Under the new situation, with the continuous enrollment undergraduate, postgraduate enrollment pressure continuously increases, physical exercise and health issues of postgraduate face many new challenges. For example, many of our colleges and universities no longer set up postgraduate's sports-related courses, postgraduate physical exercise is not as colorful as the undergraduate, Postgraduates' health and physical condition can not be optimistic and so on,we need to discuss and resolve. there are more research With regard to physical exercise acts of postgraduates, exercise attitudes and awareness, but the research of Master exercise motivation and subjective evaluations of exercise effect of postgraduate as well as the relationship between them and physical exercise behavior are very few, which should need people's attention and focus, it will also become a an important issue of college sports and other related workers in the study. The key to solve the problem is to investigate more thoroughly postgraduate exercise motivation, physical exercise behavior and physical exercise effects of the subjective evaluation of the specific status, study clearly the major driving force to promote the postgraduates to undertake physical exercise, as well as how to assess the exercise effect and exercise motivation and the effect Evaluation of exercise behavior, and thus arouse postgraduates'enthusiasm for physical exercise vigorously to carry out the physical exercise of postgraduates to enhance physical fitness, to ensure that their overall health (physical, psychological, social interaction and moral), in general to improve the quality of postgraduates, to develop the backbone personnel of the socialist modernization construction in the 21st century.Firstly, on the basis of the access and reference to the relevant literature,This study carries out literature review and proposes research problems; secondly, put forward the research basis and the hypothesis and identify research methods, research tools and survey, on the selection of study tools, using the "Measurement of motivation for physical activity" (MPAM-R) scale, written by Ryan and revised in 1997, and carry out related research; Finally, a comprehensive analysis of the findings and discussion, draw conclusions, make recommendations accordingly. In this study, mainly through a questionnaire survey research methods, on the Master related to the specific acts of physical exercise, physical activity motivation and physical activity effects on issues such as subjective evaluation research, basic understanding of the Master of Physical Exercise Behavior, motivation and results of subjective evaluation of the status quota preliminary study clearly the effect of physical exercise motivation and exercise, the subjective evaluation of physical activity behavior of postgraduates and promote the role of a positive impact. In addition, graduate students also proposed to improve the physical activity recommendations for post-graduate and post-graduate master's colleges and universities to carry out physical exercise activities, management of workers for reference.This study by research and analysis reaches the following conclusions:(1) Master Sports low proportion of the population, the vast number of postgraduates can not meet the national sport of the population 3 to determine standards; (2)Master persistence overall physical activity can not be optimistic; (3)Master intensity of exercise motivation were:health, motivation, interest, motivation, social motivation, skills, motivation and appearance to improve the motivation, compared with the undergraduates, in addition to social motivation and skills to sort the different motives, the other motivation is basically the same sort intensity, indicating Master's tend to be more than the undergraduate physical exercise as a means of communication; (4) In the intensity, there is a strong positive correlation between the interest motivation of postgraduates participation in physical exercise and skill motivation and exercise frequency, duration of each exercise, exercise intensity, adhering time of exercise, the correlation between fitness motivation and exercise frequency, duration of each exercise, exercise intensity, adhering time of exercise is not significant. (5) The effect of physical training in Hang Zhou Master significant degree of subjective evaluation were:subjective evaluation of Health effects, subjective evaluation of interest effects, subjective evaluation of skills effects, subjective evaluation of appearance and subjective evaluation of social effects, it is very different with undergraduate degrees significantly, Master's more value physical exercise on health effects, while the undergraduate course is more emphasis on physical training and enhancement of skills acquisition; (6) There is a strong positive correlation between the subjective evaluation of interest effects, subjective evaluation of skill effects, subjective evaluation of fitness effects, subjective evaluation of health effects, subjective evaluation of social effects and exercise frequency, duration of each exercise, exercise intensity, the adhering time of exercise.(7)There is strong correlation between the interest of sports exercise,the subject evaluation of interest effects and the subject evaluation of skill effects of postgraduates.In this study, only conducts a survey of postgraduates of different genders and sporting population and non-sporting population, has not yet conducted related research between different grades and different professional postgraduate students and doctoral students; at the same time, the course of the study did not take into account such as the environment, Rewards and punishments and many other external motivation and the influence of training effects of objective evaluation, this requires further study later.
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